975 – 981, 981 – 984, 984 – 990, 990 – 996

My “9” key is on the fritz so I am glad to almost be out of the 900s, but this entry will be rough because there will be lots of 9s.

I have lots to catch up on.

Friday, I ended up leaving work early, and got in 6 miles in Toms River. It was over 90 degrees and very terrible, but I ended up doing the first 5 in 41:10, and then a cool down. I had to stop a few times due to the heat, and that is not great but it was a decent workout.

Saturday I felt terrible and was rushed and only made it 3 miles. I woke up early to do 8 miles, but Ti and I realized we couldn’t run at the same time because one of us had to watch the dog, so Ti left first, and it was my plan to meet her at the beach after she finished her long run. I got a call about 45 minutes later from Ti that she fell, and we ended up having to go to the emergency room for her to get 8 stitches in her chin. We got out of there at like 1pm, and I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I inhaled a Wawa sub, and then I just felt like garbage. I eventually went out to run but it was 90 something degrees and I felt bloated and had to get ready to go out to dinner for my birthday, so I just cut it short.

Sunday, I took off. We went to the beach in the morning and I didn’t get back to JC until like 5, and then I ended up walking like 3 miles to pick up dinner and the day just got away from me.

Last night I did 6, the middle 4 of which were in 35 minutes, and it involved some hills. I had to stop midway because I was incredibly out of breath, which is generally not good. It was stupid hot and I was running on hills but I was just uncomfortable. My plan was to only do 5 but I wanted to do an extra mile to start to make up for the 5 I missed on Saturday.

Tonight, I did another 6, the first 5 of which were in 42:30, but it was negative splits the whole way as I started in about 9:15, then did an 8:45, an 8:30, an 8:20, and finished in a 7:40. It was somewhere in the low 90s and it was not great, but there was a decent breeze going on.

Now, all of that is good, but I still haven’t done my 12 miler from Sunday. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this to myself again, running long runs in the middle of the week, but I am hoping this is a one time exception. The good news is that once I get that out of the way I’ve only “missed” 4 miles, and I have a very conversative plan to make that up by doing 2 extra next week, and then maybe tacking 1 mile onto the next 2 weeks. It looks like the heat might taper off soon, so I am looking forward to that.

Alright, see you tomorrow for 12.

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970 – 975 (new sneakers)

Hey blog.

Today was very gross again. It was probably not as hot as the last few days, but it was way more humid. Today was insanely hot and then it rained, so it was just a wall of hot mist and it hurt to be outside. Early in the day I got evacuated from Bergen County courthouse, and I had to stand outside for like 20 minutes and I pretty much sweated through my suit, and that was before it rained. I knew what I was getting into, but that didn’t make it easy.

Today I bought new sneakers,which were the Ghost 8’s, which is the newest iteration of the sneakers I have been wearing for the last several years. My old pair had about 430 miles on them, and they were pretty beat up, so it was quite the change to transition to shoes that actually had some tread on them. I ended up pushing the pace because I wanted to get it over with, and I did the first 3 in 24:45 and finished in 32:25, so the first 3 were in 8:15s and the last mile was in 7:40. It was terrible and I felt bad but it was a good workout.

Tomorrow will be a challenge, and I might have to steal a day next week because of my schedule. There’s a very slim chance that I’ll get to run tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes, and then have good long runs this weekend. Alright, see ya.

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964 – 970

Today was not a running weather day. It was a stay inside and don’t even attempt to go for a walk because it is a burning hellscape outside. But, I am marathon training, and I ran 6 miles at like 5pm because I got out of work a little bit early, and it was a nightmare. I’m reluctant to even recap it because I just want to never remember this happened, but it was bad.

My legs were sore for some reason. I didn’t time the first mile, and then for some reason thought I was going to do 4 tempo miles, but that very quickly got shut down. I ran 2 miles in about 16:40 and had to sit on a bench for like 3 or 4 minutes to stop my heat from beating out of my chest. Then I turned around and just did a real sad jog home. I stopped for water with about a mile and a quarter left and almost vomited because I was nauseous. It was just one of those runs where you deal with terrible conditions because you have to, and get past it.

The rest of this week is supposed to be very hot so I’ll just have to deal with that. That’s about all I got for tonight, see ya tomorrow.

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959 – 964 (week 2)

Hey blog.

My week got off to a bad start because I didn’t get home until like 9:15 last night, because I got stuck going to municipal court super late. I thought about running but I was starving and knew I would be up all night if I ran, so I just had to let it go. Now I have to run on Friday which will be a little tricky because I am going to TR for the weekend and leaving Friday night, but I’ll figure it out.

As for today, when I left for my run it was 91 degrees, feels like 93. It was not fun running weather. I started in a 9:20 mile and got faster from there. I hit 2 in about 18, and then 3 in 26:45, and 4 in 35 mins. I took a break at 4, and then finished up in 43:45 or so. It was hot and not fun and I feel like I have a massive gut which is frustrating. I’m not posting about my weight because I was somehow 215.5 after my run today, which makes very little sense. I’ve been drinking a little bit the last few days but I feel absolutely gross, and I’ve been eating reasonably. It hasn’t affected my workouts but I just feel bad. I don’t know why I am eating healthy and running a lot and getting bloated, but it’s happening. I guess I have to eat straight up vegetables, so I will do that.

The next many days are supposed to be very hot, so I will be running through all of that, and I will be back tomorrow.

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948 – 959

Tonight I ran 11 miles in 1:36:13, which is 8:45 miles, and it went pretty well.  I started out really slow, in something like a 9:30 mile, but I picked it up to like an 8:40 mile right after that. The last 10 were in 86:45 or so, and that is exactly an 8:40 pace. I also know I hit the halfway in 48:40, which means I came back in 47:33, which is 8:38s.

The weather was not great, but it was not terrible. I went at like 5, and it was 82 feels like 84 with 57% humidity. I went for a walk earlier today around 11, and it was an inferno, so I was planning to wait until like 7, but got tired of waiting around so I just went out the door and I’m glad that I did, but it was rough. I had to stop at the halfway to get my shit together, and I chugged a whole bottle of water. There was a nice breeze in a few spots on the way back so that helped, but it’s just real hard to run far in the heat.

I was a little bit anxious about this workout because I haven’t run far in a very long time, and only ran more than 7 miles once after the marathon. I did a nice job of keeping myself calm and keeping a comfortable stride.

I nailed all of my workouts for week 1, and ran a 40 mile week. I’m sure there will be bumps in the road along the way, but it is good to have a nice start. On to week 2.

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941 – 948

Today I started my run at 3pm, and that was not the greatest idea. It was about 85, and there was exactly 0 cloud cover, and it felt super humid. There was a little breeze, but it just felt like someone was stepping on my chest the whole entire time. I did 7 miles, which consisted of a mile warmup, 5 tempo-ish miles, and then a cool down. I did the tempo portion in 42 minutes, which was actually pretty good. My legs and body felt fine but I was just struggling super hard in the heat. I stopped at the halfway point to gather myself, and I was just melting on the way back.

I was 211.5 after the run and I’m fine with breaking even the last few days after that massive burger, and I had a bunch of beers last night. My week in general has been really good food-wise, and I feel pretty good.

Tomorrow is my first long run since the marathon, and I am doing 11 miles. I think I am going to do it at night because I want to sleep in, and don’t want to do it in the middle of the day. Assuming I get through that I’ll have had a perfect week 1, and then onto week 2. See ya tomorrow!

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935 – 941


This happened today.

I was in Newark and a bar called Krug’s there just got named best burger in NJ by NJ.com, so I figured I had to eventually go, and today happened to be the day. I had been eating healthy all week and this kinda threw everything out the window but it was delicious and I have no regrets.

I awoke from my food coma several hours later, and went to do my workout. It’s hard to run fast when you have a massive burger and onion rings sitting in your stomach, but I got it done. I ran to Lincoln Park in JC, where I rarely go because to get there I have to run through a shady part of town, but it was broad day light. I didn’t really know what I was going to do once I got there, but I decided to go over to the track and do some kind of workout. That ended up being 2 800s (which were in 3:16 and 3:18), with 400 meter jogs in between, and then a 400 in 97 seconds and a 400 cool down. I was basically just trying to figure out how to get through 2 miles. I didn’t go nuts on the tempo stuff but I pushed it pretty hard, and then I jogged the 2 miles home. I wasn’t really planning a track workout, but I’m glad I got a small amount of fast stuff in.

Tomorrow I am off, which is exciting, so I am going to eat healthy and enjoy resting my legs. See ya Saturday!

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