240.5 lbs – 87 days to wedding

Let me start by saying, weighing yourself every day sucks. I felt super bloated and gross today for some reason, and I just didn’t want to get on a scale. It wasn’t necessarily bad news, but it wasn’t good news. I was expecting to be quite a bit heavier today than I was yesterday, but 239 would have been nice. Anyway.

Today I did not eat breakfast again, not by choice. I ate a sandwich for lunch that was a chicken cutlet with provolone, roasted peppers and mayo. Not the healthiest thing but not awful. I always make not-so-great lunch choices when I don’t eat breakfast because I’m starving. I also drank a Snapple which is no big deal, but I’m trying to stick to water. I had a 100 calorie bag of popcorn for lunch. I ordered roast pork with rice and beans for dinner. I plan on drinking a lot of water all night.

I jogged 3 miles tonight and really didn’t want to. I procrastinated a lot, and eventually got myself out the door. It was the hottest day of the year, and it was about 84 when I ran. It was not that fun and I always have a hard time transitioning to warm weather.

Today was just not a great day and I am going to move past it. See ya tomorrow.

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237.5 lbs – 88 days to wedding

Hey blog.

I had a weird food day. I did not eat breakfast, which was not by choice and more about lack of opportunity, so I was starving at lunch. My office brought lunch in today, and I had some Caesar salad, and 2 halves of a sandwich, one was like chicken breast and mozzarella and I think the other was like prosciutto and something else. I’m trying to stay away from bread but that’s what I ate. I also drank a lot of water.

For dinner I had a salad with some grilled shrimp, and then spinach, olives, chick peas, corn, tomatoes and some celery. There was a little bit of mayo and sriracha on the shrimp so that’s basically what I used as dressing, with a little balsamic vinaigrette.

I ran 4 miles tonight and it went ok. I am still getting my legs and my lungs back, but today felt better than last weeks runs. It was also kind of warm, so I sweated a lot.

Which may explain why I was 237.5 on the scale tonight. I was really thirsty when I finished, but I always weigh myself after I shower and before I eat or drink anything. I know that’s not a really accurate way to weigh myself, but it’s just what I’m doing. I know I’m not 237.5, and I’m sure I was like 240 even after a few glasses of water and dinner.

I’m doing well with food, and I’ve run 8 out of the last 9 days. It’s supposed to be pretty hot the next few nights, so I’m sure there will be more sweating and dehydrated weigh ins. I’m motivated to put fat Matt behind me so I’m gonna keep on rolling. See ya tomorrow.

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240.5 lbs – 89 days to wedding

Hey blog.

Today I had a pretty positive day. I had a dumb breakfast, which was a chocolate chip cookie, because apparently it was national chocolate chip cookie day, but I think it was basically the same as a granola bar. For lunch I had a salad, and for dinner I had baked salmon and asparagus.

I jogged 3 miles IN A ROW, which was so insanely slow, but I put 31 minutes in a row together and I was sore. Tomorrow I will also be sore, and trying to jog 4 in a row. See ya then.

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241.0 lbs – 90 days to wedding

Hey blog,

So, I did not run yesterday because it rained literally all day and night. I didn’t eat very well yesterday, and I drank some beers at night, so I was not feeling great this morning. I was kind of a slug all day but ended up running a total of 5 miles, and it was pretty tough. I had to walk in a few spots, and thought about cutting it short a number of times. I finished, though, and thats good.

I’ve said it before, but running this fat sucks. It kills my knees and my back and I know I’m going to be super sore tomorrow. Unfortunately the only solution is to lose weight, so I think I have to get a little stricter with my diet. I’m going to try to stick to all proteins and veggies as much as I can.

I was still 241 on the scale but I think that’s a product of eating not great food yesterday. I’m gonna refocus and keep making progress.

In better news, I ran 6 days this week, and I think that’s good. It’s going to start getting hot soon, and even though I hate running when it’s hot, I think having to work harder during runs will help me burn more calories. My only real goal is weight loss, so I can get back to running fast later.

Alright, see ya tomorrow.

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241.0 lbs – 92 days to wedding

Hey blog,

I’ve had a pretty good food day so far. For breakfast I had a hard boiled egg, for lunch I had a salad, and I had some Fritos for a snack. I was thinking about getting this greasy sausage sandwich for lunch but talked myself out of it, so that was good. All I’ve had to drink so far today is water.

And yet, I wasn’t lighter on the scale today. I know I’m not going to lose weight on the scale every day so I’m not that worried about it. Tomorrow is going to apparently be a wild rain storm all day, so I’m not sure if I’ll get a run in, but I felt pretty good on my run today.

I jogged 4 miles in 38:37, which I broke up into 2 mile segments. The first half was in about 19 minutes, and the way back might have been slower. I say might have, because a guy stopped me as I was finishing to ask me a dumb question about whether or not he could park in a parking lot, and I don’t know if I stopped my watch during that conversation or not.

Alright I’m starving so I’m off to eat dinner, see ya hopefully tomorrow if there’s a non-rain window.

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241.0 lbs. – 93 days to wedding

Tonight was another very nice night, and it was 55 degrees out when I ran. I wish I was in better shape so I could do really awesome runs, but  sadly that is not the case.

I had 2 beers last night and I felt super bloated today, so I was happy the scale was still in my favor.

Today I didn’t eat breakfast, which was a mistake because I felt like I was going to pass out at like 1pm, and I inhaled a chicken Caesar wrap. I had some chicken schwarma and beef gyro, and mozzarella sticks for dinner. Not great.

I jogged 3 miles tonight and due to feeling super bloated it did not go great but I got through it, and just gonna move on to tomorrow. See ya.

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241.5 lbs – 94 days to wedding

So today I actually drank water, and was not insanely dehydrated after my run, so my weight corrected itself, as I thought it would. I actually drank a ton of water, and was expecting to be 242, but I was a little less ┬áthan that, so, there’s that.

The temperature was really nice tonight. It was about 55 degrees, and I enjoyed it, although I know hotness is coming soon. I felt a little bit more athletic today, and like maybe my muscle memory was kicking in, so that was good. I did a 3 mile jog and felt like I was capable of more, so I’m gonna build on that.

As for food, I had a 100 calorie bag of popcorn for breakfast, and a tuna melt and some potato chips for lunch. I only drank water all day. I had a steak sandwich with a side salad for dinner. Good, but not great.

Tomorrow I’m busy all day so we’ll see how I do. I’m gonna do 4 miles at night and see how that goes. Hasta luego

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