38 – 42, 42 – 47 (week 1)

Hey blog.

So, I have not been exercising a whole lot this year. I’m not going to try to justify or explain it, but some of it was on purpose and some of it was just being lazy, but I am going to get back on track. Unfortunately the last few days, and the rest of this week, were/are going to be insanely cold. I got out for a 4 mile jog last night, and a 5 mile jog tonight, and they were both very cold. I am also pretty out of shape. I’m not going to time anything for a while because a) my watch is broken ,and b) I think it would be sad to see the times. I’m just gonna go by feel and try to do some workouts but not really worry too much about how fast I’m doing them. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll feel back to normal-ish, and build from there. I’m looking forward to getting back into my routine.

Alright, see ya later.

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30-34, 34-38

Last week on Friday and Saturday I did 4 mile jogs. I don’t remember much about them. Tonight I am going to start training for a half marathon on April 16th. It is going to start poorly. I’ll be back later tonight for more.

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26 – 30

I jogged 4 miles on Monday. Just wanna throw that out there. I swear this thing is coming back for real next week. It’s raining tonight so I’m not sure if I’m gonna get out, but there will be more running this week. See ya!

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18 – 22, 22 – 26

I am not back in my routine yet.

There was a very bad blizzard that dropped about 2 feet of snow last weekend, and it took a while for the streets to be navegable. I went to TR this weekend and got out for a 4 mile jog yesterday, and it was rough. I did another 4 today, and it was a little better, but I am not in good shape. The weather this week is supposed to be good, so I’m hoping to do 5 days, and then on Feb. 8 get into a 10 week half marathon training plan. I think I did the maximum of being a slob, so time to get back to reality. Any time you spend a whole month running the same amount of miles you’ve run in a single day, it’s safe to say you’re rested.

Alright, see ya tomorrow .

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0-4, 4-8, 8-13, 13-18

I knew I was taking a break once the new year started, but did not think my first post in 2016 would be on January 21st. I have been running, but not a ton. I did not run at all the first 10 days of the month. On Monday the 11th, I jogged 4 miles. On either Thursday the 14th or Friday the 15th, I also jogged 4 miles. On Tuesday the 19th, I did 5, and I also did 5 last night. Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve done some other strength/jumping exercises to work on trying to dunk a basketball, which has started out slowly. It got really cold really fast, and that has not been fun. I am going to get back into my program and start training for a half marathon in April, but I’m gonna keep jogging through the rest of the month to get back in shape a little bit. It’s supposed to maybe blizzard this weekend so we’ll see how that goes. I’m gonna run tonight, so I’ll be back for that. See ya.

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1,947 – 1,953 , 1,953 – 1,958, 1,958 – 1,962, 1,962 – 1,965, 1,965 – 1,969, 1,969 – 1,972

It has been over a week, and I kind of left this blog on a cliffhanger on Tuesday the 22nd. I will run through a brief synopsis of what I did since then:

23rd – worked until 6pm, got in the car and drove to Richmond, VA until 1am. No running.

24th – drove to Jesup ,GA until 5pm or so, and engaged in holiday festivities. No running .

25th – celebrated Christmas, and ran 6 miles, in 85 degree heat. It was so hot in Georgia. After my run I ate so much macaroni and cheese and I had no regrets. I got really overheated during the run and it was very slow .

26th – ran 5 miles in 85 degree heat. So hot. I texted myself some notes for the blog and I wrote “5. Crazy hot. Like 48 minutes. Wanted to do 6”. I just couldn’t run anymore

27th – ran 4 miles in 85 degrees in Jesup before we hit the road for 8 hours of driving. So hot, again. I felt terrible because I had been eating like a maniac and drinking and just shuffled through 4

28th – ran 3 miles after we got home to JC at like 4:30 or so. At this point, I knew I was facing 38 miles to get to 2k, and I think I kind of threw in the towel. I was exhausted, vacation obese, and here’s a good point to make mention of the fact that my shoes have actual holes in them, which explains why there are rocks in my shoes every day. My ankles hurt really bad, and I feel gross

29th – ran 4 miles for some reason. It was 45 degrees and that was way better than 85.

30th – took the day off .

Today  – 3 mile jog

My plan for GA was to run like 8-10 miles a day and come home with a light work load, but I didn’t really contemplate that it would be a blazing hot hellscape while we were there. It just got to be too overwhelming, there was a hole in my shoes, my ankles really hurt, and I just didn’t get there. That said, I accomplished 98.6% of my mileage goal, which is great.

I have new goals for next year, but I’ll get to them another day. See ya soon!

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1,939 – 1,947

Tonight I got through 8 miles. My ankles hurt and there was a rock in my shoe, gonna leave it at that. See ya soon!

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