609 – 614, 614 – 619, 619 – 623, 623 – 670

No, I didn’t go for a 47 mile run. I did 11 runs that totaled 47 miles over the past couple weeks. It’s pure laziness that makes me want to just bunch them all together. I would have done all these runs together if I hadn’t typed out the mileage for the first 3 jogs and then never returned here for a couple weeks.

I wanted to do something different and try to not drink for a whole entire month, and that didn’t really happen. I had a couple good long streaks of not drinking, including a whole entire week, last week, when I did not drink anything and did 6 workouts that totaled 27 miles. But, I wanted to do something and failed.

I’m still about 25 pounds overweight, and eating horribly, and drinking way more than I would like. It was getting depressing to come here every day and write about slow jogs, and never about a good workout, or feeling good, or losing weight. I have been on a really bad streak and I am having a really hard time snapping out of it.

I am going to come back here and chronicle my running again, but I need to prioritize losing weight and being healthier. Hopefully that is sooner rather than later. I don’t really have a solid plan or a solution but I know I’ve had success in the past when I totally change my habits, so I’m going to just take a step back from writing about running every day until I’m in a better place. See ya soon!

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594 – 601, 601 – 606, 606 – 609

I did a 7 miler last Friday, a real long walk Saturday, took off Sunday, did 5 on Monday, I went to see Bruce Springsteen on Tuesday, I did a terrible 3 miler on Wednesday, and was off Thursday. This is not going well. See ya later.

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582 – 585, 585 – 589, 589 – 594 (week 5)

So I have continued running, but it’s has been a nightmare. The last 3 days were all 90 – 95 degrees and crazy humidity, and I’ve been running like garbage.

Saturday morning I woke up early to try 6 miles, and I only made it 2 before I had to stop because I was totally melting down. On the way back I did a combo of walking and running, and quite frankly it’s one of my worst runs of all time. I felt like garbage.

Yesterday I wanted to try 5 but only made it through 4, mostly because I had to walk a lot in the 2nd half. This is just very slow jogs that I am not getting through.

Tonight I wanted to try 6, but made it through 5, with a little bit of walking sprinkled in. This was more shuffling and having absolutely zero turnover at any point of the race, and getting winded after the first mile and just dragging ass through the rest and stopping from exhaustion every 5 minutes or so.

I’m sure once the weather breaks I will do much better but this sucks right now. It’s 85 plus for basically the rest of the month and I have no idea how I’m getting in distance runs when my legs are still feeling no improvement and are exhausted every single day. I’m gonna keep plugging and we’ll see what happens.

Back tomorrow for more nightmare jogging.

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576 – 582

So, I actually got 6 miles in tonight, but I did a lot of stopping and starting. I don’t really have a problem with that because I’ve been motivating myself to get out the door by playing Pokemon during runs. I know that’s super lame but it’s working so I’m just gonna go with it. I had to stop a few times for a few seconds to play the game, but otherwise I was just moving along slowly because it was 90 degrees and a wall of humidity. I am ending these super hot runs really nauseous from sweating so much, but I can feel myself losing weight, so that is good. My legs have been really sore and tired but I’ll get past that hopefully soon, and then maybe actually start doing some workouts. It’s just impossible to run fast when it’s this oppressive outside.

The rest of the weekend is supposed to be 95+, so I am going to try to wake up early tomorrow to get 6 in, and then try to do 8 on Sunday night. I have a pretty reasonable plan to be where I need to be with weekly miles and long runs if I get through the next 4 weeks running almost every day. Building up the distance will be tough because I will have to jump up the weekend long runs relatively quickly since I got behind, but I’m optimistic I can do what I need to.

Alright, see ya tomorrow maybe or Sunday.

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572 – 576

I am trying to build some momentum by running every day for a while, but there are some days that you just shouldn’t run outside. That has been the case every single day this week because it has been a hot and humid hellscape. Yesterday was the worst day yet. There was a thunderstorm around 6pm that I thought might prevent me from running, but it stopped after about 30 minutes, so I decided to give 6 miles a shot. I immediately regretted it, and only made it 4 miles. I was just going really slow and hating my life. There is no break in sight for the super hot temperatures so I am just going to have to suck it up and keep plugging away for a while. Today is absolutely brutal but I’m going to give 6 miles a shot later tonight. See ya!

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561 – 567, 567 – 572

Tuesday night I ran 6 total miles, and it was pretty tough. It was very hot and humid, and I did the first 3 miles in a little over 27 minutes, and had to stop to catch my breath for a minute. I also stopped at about 4.5 for a little bit, and then finished up in a total of about 54:25, which was fine considering the weather and how out of shape I am.

Last night I did a 5 mile jog that I didn’t time and it was brutal. It’s just a wall of humidity outside. I jogged really slow and it was “only” 88 degrees or so, but it was just hard to run. I got home and drank an absurd amount of water trying to recover.

Tonight is even grosser, and the next few days are supposed to be 95+. I’m sitting in air conditioning right now sweating like a maniac but my plan is to do 6 miles. I’ll just try to take it easy and take breaks if I need to. Alright see ya later.

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547 – 550, 550 – 556, 556 – 561 ( week 4)

Hey blog!

I was away on vacation from July 30 through August 3rd in San Juan, and we had an amazing time. Unfortunately I did very little running. I brought outfits to run every day but only used one of them. On Sunday morning we went down to the treadmill at our hotel but it was a very poorly ventilated, insanely humid room and I only made it 3 miles. We did a TON of walking while we were there and I sweated through all of my clothes and had to buy new ones, so that was somewhat of a workout. I’d like to do a quick rundown of the week:

Saturday – We checked into our hotel and the first thing I ate was a random chicken quesadilla which was really good. We went to our hotel bar for a drink, and then walked around some more and ended up at a bar called Sense 152, and went to La Barrachina for dinner (the birth place of the pina colada), and ate decent mofongo, and were exhausted. We called it an early night

Sunday – We woke up early to briefly use the gym, and did a long walk to some food trucks where I ate a really good chicken empanadilla. We kept exploring and got caught in some rain, and stumbled into a random pizza place, which was fine but probably our only regrettable meal. We went to Castillo San Felipe del Morro, which was awesome. We went to our pool, even though it was raining, and drank the bottle of champagne our hotel gave us. For dinner we went to St. Germaine for some awesome food and cocktails. I had a steak sandwich and 2 mojitos that were great. For after dinner cocktails we went to La Factoria, where we drank a lot and eventually went to bed.

Monday – We had a late lunch at Melt, which was very delicious, and we started walking to the beach, but Ti’s dad called to tell us he was in town and wanted to meet up. We ended up at Barrachina again, but I just drank pina colada there. We eventually walked to the beach at Condado Vanderbilt, which was a crazy adventure and I was on the verge of heatstroke at the end, but we spent a few hours at the beach and pool, and it was great. We went back to the hotel and went to our hotel’s wine and cheese hour, and then out to dinner at Restaurante Raices, where I had my best meal of the vacation, which was mofondo relleno de churraso.. Afterwards we met up with my moms friend Chris at Nonos, and then had some late drinks at El Batey, which was close to our hotel.

Tuesday – We woke up for breakfast a Caficultura, where I had an insane turkey sandwich, and then went to the beach at La Isla Verde, which was awesome. We went to wine and cheese again, and then got dinner at El Jibarito where I had arroz guisado and shrimp with oil and garlic. We had after dinner drinks at La madre, and again at Sense 152, and called it a night.

Weds. – We had our last meal at Casa Cortez Chocobar, which was perhaps fitting because it was my birthday and I had a huge chocolate shake to start the day. I also ordered an omelet that I had a really hard time eating even though it was very good. When we got home I was too exhausted and full and hungover to really even celebrate my actual bday, so that’s saying a lot for how much we enjoyed and indulged ourselves while we were there.

We had an amazing trip and ate all the great food and drank all the booze, and walked around a ton but we certainly did not help get ourselves in running shape. I have no regrets. Thursday¬†night I got back on the horse and jogged 6 miles and it went OK. I am notnot in very good shape and I ate and drank a lot for a whole week, so that’s not helpful. I want to do a quick vacation run down since this is the spot where I write about things.

The next couple of days were crazy busy, and I didn’t run on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so week 3 didn’t really happen. I worked on Friday and immediately after went to see the band Pinegrove in JC. On Saturday my buddy Tmack came up for the day and we went out and did fun things, and on Sunday Savy and Bootsy came and we saw Paul McCartney at night and ate all the food.

Last night, on Monday, I jogged 5 miles and it was tough. These first 3 weeks haven’t really been much on training but I still have a lot of time and I am going to get back on track. I have what I think is a good plan and hopefully the next 3 weeks or so I can be where I need to be. Alright, see ya!

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