271 – 278

Hey gang, tonight I jogged 7 miles. It was another “chore run”, as I needed to buy new headphones. I am super not in the mood to pontificate about running right now, so I will say that I finished 7 in 1:04:45, which was  9:15 miles. There was a monster 15-20 minute break in the middle for me to purchase headphones, and then spend about 10 minutes getting said headphones out of their packaging and into my ears. It was like 25 degrees tonight but there wasn’t much wind so that was nice.

Apparently it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and that makes me livid. My plan is to do an 8 mile workout at the gym, and then do my 17 mile long run Monday night. See ya later!

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263 – 271

Tonight was pretty interesting because I had no idea what workout I was going to do when I got home at 6, and I also had no idea what workout I was going to do after I jogged my warmup mile. I thought about going to the gym, but I didn’t want to waste 30 mins driving there. I had a few choices: 2×3 miles at tempo pace with warmup and cooldown, ins and outs with warmup and cooldown, or 8 total miles however I pleased. When I walked out the door, I figured I would run a mile warmup, 6 miles at 8 minute pace, and a 1 mile cool down.

Ice had a different plan for me. Somehow, despite the fact that it has been above freezing for a few days, Liberty State Park is still riddled with crazy ice patches. There is a walking path, which is not “walk-able” because of the fact that there are random ice skating rinks, but I took a chance on being able to string together 6. I ran my warmup, and the next mile was a nightmare. I ran into so many ice patches, and ran a 8:13 mile, and got mad. I decided to run in the street, and do ins and outs. I don’t know what happened, but it went great. I was trying to put 8 minute and 7 minute miles in my head, and it went perfect. I finished 4 miles in almost 30 minutes exactly, and then jogged 2 miles home. I think 5 in 37:30 would have been very reasonable if I chose to do that, and I’m happy with that progress.

It was 26 feels like 20 tonight, and I was surprised that I ran so fast tonight. The scale lied to me when I stepped on it after my shower, so I won’t record what it said. I did a bad job with alcohol/food this week, but, as always, moving forward. See ya tomorrow for 7 miles of jogging

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257 – 263

Tonight I ran 6.2 miles on  “chore run”. I ordered a chicken burrito from a place in Paulus Hook, and planned to kind of weave my way around to pick it up. I spent most of the run thinking that I would end up going short, but I decided to run home with my food, and actually ended up over-running, which is good since I was about .4 short the other day.

It was really super slow and freezing cold. I listened to the Who Charted tribute to Harris Wittels. Harris’s death has been hitting me surprisingly hard. For context, he’s a comedian who wrote for Parks and Rec and Eastbound and Down, among other shows. I got to know him as a very frequent guest on Comedy Bang Bang, Who Charted, You Talking U2 to Me, and as my guide through the cosmos on Analyze Phish. He’s basically someone who was in my ear for over a hundred hours of runs, and he died of a heroine overdose at the age of 30. I never met the guy, I never will, but I am having a hard time with his death. There’s a strange relationship you build with a person when you are used to hearing them chat casually on a frequent basis, and I guess a better example for me is Howard Stern. When Howard dies, it will be devastating and really hard to explain to people who don’t hear him every day. I only heard Harris every few weeks, but I feel like I got to know him, and the fact that he is gone is brutal.

I have 2 more runs in February, and they will probably be an 8 mile workout tomorrow, and a 7 mile jog on Saturday. I could artificially inflate my February by doing my long run on Saturday, but I have work, and plans, so I’m not going to do that. These last few months have beeen torture and I am not going to make myself crazy over the total mileage. Just gonna press on, and keep making progress. See ya tomorrow.

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238 – 251, 251 – 257 (week 9)

Alright so first things first is logistics. Today is Wednesday. In the span of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, there was a day off on Monday, a 6 mile jog, and the week 8 13 mile long run. Blog dog policy is to not divulge what happened on which day, so the workouts happened. Moving along.

The long run went really well, and I finished in 1:56:43. The temperature was 33 feels like 27, which is actually the warmest it’s been at night in quite a while. I still wore Under Armor and gloves, but no hat, no hoodie, and no sweatpants. There were still some bad ice patches that I had to slow down or stop for, but no more than 5, which is still a lot, but much better than what I’ve been dealing with. It also felt pretty good to be outside, and not be shivering. I did the first half in 58:50, and 57:53 for the 2nd half. The last 4 were 8:58, 8:41, 8:46, 8:52. The first 9 almost exactly even splits except for starting with a 9:32 first mile. Overall it was exactly what I was trying to do tonight, and I weighed 209.5 at the end of the run. I know it’s not fair to weigh myself after a long run, and I was crazy dehydrated probably because I never stopped for water, but I just want to keep seeing lower numbers on the scale even if I have to cheat a little.

The start of week 9 was kind of a weird run. It was 23/feels like 14, which isn’t the coldest temperature I’ve run in, but it was just unbearable. I’ve said this before, but tonight was the worst example of it: there was nowhere to run. I spent a good 2 or 3 minutes of this run walking as slow as possible over huge sheets of ice because I had nowhere else to go. I was hoping to run 3 out, and then turn back, but at about 2.75 I got completely dead stopped by ice that I couldn’t get across, and had to turn around. So, I somehow ran 5.55 miles. It sucked. It’s hard to feel like runs like this one are even workouts because they are so herky jerky and I’m stopping to walk on the ice every few minutes. It seems like things are getting better, so I am happy about that.

The rest of the week is this:

Thurs –  6 jog
Fri – 4 miles of ins and outs with 2m warmup and 2 mile cooldown for 8 total
Sat – 7 jog
Sun – 17 long run
Mon – 2×3 mile with 1m warmup and cooldown for 8 total

Totaling 52 miles, and then Tuesday is the start of week 10 for 56 miles. January and February I have done OK, but gonna start getting intense right about now. Alright, see ya.

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232 – 238

Today was an interesting day because it was like 40 degrees, which in theory sounds great, and for the most part it was. There was as ton of snow on the ground from the unexpected storm yesterday, and the warm weather melted a lot of it today. Unfortunately, that meant there were huge, slushy puddles everywhere. It’s really hard to navigate the streets, and its also incredibly slippery. The first mile and a half or so, I was just convincing myself to keep going, because I kept telling myself to go home because it was so dangerous.

I had to come to a dead stop no less than 10 times to figure out how to avoid ice or puddles, and that wasn’t fun. I was at about 2.5 miles when I started having a bathroom emergency, and I decided that I would run to Target,where there is a bathroom. That was about 3.4 miles into the run. I had 8 planned, but I decided to run home after Target, and I ended up doing 6. I am going to do 13 instead of 12 tomorrow to make up one of the miles, but I don’t really mind that I did 6 instead of 8. I had 14 miles to do this weekend and I did 12 of them, when I could very easily have done 0.

The forecast for this coming week is mostly in the high 20s, with the exception of Wednesday which is supposed to be warm. So, basically that means that the wet slushy snow isn’t going anywhere, and it will turn to ice. This weekend looks like it might be decent though, so hopefully March will bring better weather. A lot of miles to get through this coming week, but going to focus on the 13 miler tomorrow to close out week 8. Alright, see ya later.

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226- 232

Tonight I ran 6 miles in a blizzard. I am not exaggerating. It snowed from the moment I stepped outside until the moment I finished (at around 2:30 pm), and it hasn’t stopped since (at 10:30pm). Its a gross mess outside. I worked this afternoon, and tried to drive by my gym to see if I could find a spot to park so I could work out inside. That did not work out, so I drove home and changed, because it wasn’t that cold, and seemed mild. Once I stepped outside, it was just nonstop snow. It was just soft snow and blustering winds and it was ridiculous. I finished in like 56 minutes,which is kind of great considering the conditions. I’m also glad I didn’t skip another day, despite the contuining, relentless, nonstop terrible weather.

After my run I weighed myself and I was 209 lbs. That is once again the lowest the scale has said this year. I should qualify that by saying before I stepped on the scale, I had eaten nothing but hard boiled egg all day, and worked out, so its unfair. I ate so much food tonight, including nachos, guacamole, spinach dip and buffalo wings, and many beers, and I’m sure I’d be like 215 if I stepped on the scale right now, but I’m scared to. All I’m saying is after my run I was 209. That’s when I’ve been weighing myself, and it’s progress.

The conditions outside are terrrible. There’s an inch of slushy snow outside, and who knows what will happen overnight. I have to do an 8 mile and 12 mile workout in the next 2 days, so I am not sure what I am doing tomorrow. Either way, I will see you tomorrow for one of them. BYEEEEEEEE

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218 – 226

Tonight’s workout was pretty elaborate. I drove to the Target in Jersey City, and then ran 1.25 miles to Planet Fitness in the absolue freezing record lows. Once I got there, I took off my winter clothes and ran another .75 miles, and then attempted to do my “ins and outs” workout. That entails alternating between 8 and 7 minute miles for 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minutes, for 30 total minutes. It’s a really hard workout. I was hopeful I would make it through it.

The first 18 minutes are the hardest, because they include the longest stretches of running the fastest. I haven’t run at 7 minute mile pace in a long time, and I was afraid it would hurt. When I started, the 8 minute mile portion felt good, and then once I transitioned into the 7 minute portion, it got hard. after the first 18, I was hurting, and decided to walk for 3 minutes. After that, I finished the workout, and then jogged for another .75 on the treadmill, got dressed, and jogged the 1.25 back to my car.

It was an ambitious workout and I’m glad I did it. Even after walk for 3 minutes I still hit 4 miles in 32 minutes, so I that’s good. I’m trying to get real fast and that will come.

I ate decent today, and weighed 210 after the workout. It was unfair because I only ate a salad all day, and then I sweated a lot, showered, and weighed myself. I know I don’t actually weigh 210 but I just want to see the numbers on the scale keep creeping lower so for the purposes of this blog, when I only weigh myself after workouts, I am 210. Alright, see ya tomorrow.

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