27 – 31

Well, when you take a huge break from running, its hard to get back into it. Sunday I took off because my legs were tired, and I got rained out on Monday and Tuesday. I jogged 4 miles last night, and had shit to do tonight. I will get back on track tomorrow, promise. I just wish I’d spent a few weeks getting back into a routine, but can’t fix that now. Just gonna move forward. See ya tomorrow!

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16 -22, 22 – 27

Hey blog.

It is New Years Eve and I am simmering French Onion soup for a while, and thought I would take a few minutes to get in here and talk about my runs from Friday and today.

Last night I jogged 6 miles, and it took a god damn eternity. I guess god damn eternity is hell. So it was hell? It wasn’t that bad but it just seemed like it was taking forever. I ran like 96% of it but had to walk in a few spots, but did a nice job of starting up again after I stopped and walked for a minute.

Today I jogged 5 miles, and I did the first 2.5 consecutively, which was good but a lot of effort. I rested and stretched for a few minutes, and then came back and hit the 4 mile marker and walked again for a minute, and then took it home. I ran 98% of this. I’m looking forward to when I stop walking during runs because calculating what percentage of a run I actually ran is dumb.

Tomorrow I attempt 8 miles and I have no idea how that’s gonna go. I’m glad I’ve strung together 5 straight days but I wish I did this a few weeks ago leading up to marathon training. Oh well, I made my bed and now I have to wake up from that bed and do shitty runs. I know I will cover 8 miles tomorrow but it might be real terrible. We’ll see!

Alright, back tomorrow.

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11 – 16

Hey blog.

Tonight I jogged 5 miles and it went pretty well. I made it the whole entire first half before I stopped, and that’s a good development. I made it to about the 4 mile marker on the way back before I had to stop for a minute or so, and I jogged the rest of the way home. I jogged like 98% of this so that’s good. This is obviously still very early in the process but I feel like I might be able to string together some consecutive jogs soon, and then start turning those into faster runs.

I might do my long run of 8 miles tomorrow just because it works out best logistically for me this week. I am not feeling great about my ability to run 8 miles, but I know I can travel the distance if there is some walking involved. I’m doing a better job than I thought I would of covering decent distances once I stop for the first time. I was worried that I would stop and then do like 200 yards and then stop and start over and over, but I’m doing a good job of covering like a least a mile each time I start up again.

I like the improvement in my heart rate the last few days and I am 3/3 so far. Gonna keep the ball moving. See ya tomorrow.

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I guess I should start out by clarifying that my first workout was yesterday, the 27th, and my “year” ends on December 26th, 2o17. I’m not really sure why I’m doing this but I just wanted to get a fresh start for what is hopefully my return to being a not obese person.

As for today, I traveled 6 miles and ran about 95% of it. While I was not running I did not get to do dumb math in my head, and I spent some time debating how much I ran, and I just settled on 95%. I made it a little over 2 miles in a row, with the exception of some stop lights, and up the top of the really steep Newark Ave hill before I had to stop for a second. I stopped again when I hit 3 miles and walked for a minute, The second half was downhill so it was easier, and I stopped to walk for like 100 yards maybe 2 or 3 times. My lungs felt better tonight than they did last night, so that is good.

I think I have one thing on my side, and that is that my legs are not tired. I’m sure they will be tired shortly, but there is no wear and tear on them due to the last several months of very light activity.

I can’t see myself using a watch for a couple of weeks, and I am not rushing into trying to run fast. I just want to make steady progress, and I don’t even know if my goal is to run a very fast marathon at the end of this, or just to complete one. I think I would be cool with a 3:45 and then build on that for something fast in the fall. Of course, if I feel like I can do better workouts sooner, I definitely will.

Alright, good first 2 days. Back tomorrow.

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0 – 5 (week 1 day 1)

I am back from the dead.

I’ve been running a little for the last several months. Emphasis on “little”. Mostly short jogs and not very often. I am just going to start from scratch here and try to put 2016 behind me, and just start my “year” a few days early, because yesterday I started day 1 of an 18 week marathon training plan.

To start, I am very out of shape, and very overweight. I don’t know exactly how much I weigh because I’m afraid to get on a scale but its over 230. I feel gross and I’d like to put that all behind me. My plan is to just run/walk my planned workouts until I am in shape, and not really put too much emphasis on how fast I’m doing anything until I drop a lot of weight.

Last night I completed 5 miles, and ran about 90- 95% of it. Right now I can go about a mile before I get winded, so I’m doing like a mile or so, jogging, and then walking for a minute or so. This actually went better than I expected, but for a while I thought I might stop short at 3 or 4 miles. I’m glad I did the whole thing, and my body doesn’t feel terrible today, so that’s good.

I have a pretty low threshold for progress since I have nowhere to go but up, so hopefully this is my return to being in shape after 2016 being a dumpster fire. Doing 6 tonight, see ya!

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670 – 692

2 4 milers, one 5 miler last week, and a 5 miler tonight. Last week we had no hot water most of the week

4 on 10/12, 2 timed at 7:48 and 7:24


This is an unfinished post from a few months ago that I figured I would post for the heck of it.

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609 – 614, 614 – 619, 619 – 623, 623 – 670

No, I didn’t go for a 47 mile run. I did 11 runs that totaled 47 miles over the past couple weeks. It’s pure laziness that makes me want to just bunch them all together. I would have done all these runs together if I hadn’t typed out the mileage for the first 3 jogs and then never returned here for a couple weeks.

I wanted to do something different and try to not drink for a whole entire month, and that didn’t really happen. I had a couple good long streaks of not drinking, including a whole entire week, last week, when I did not drink anything and did 6 workouts that totaled 27 miles. But, I wanted to do something and failed.

I’m still about 25 pounds overweight, and eating horribly, and drinking way more than I would like. It was getting depressing to come here every day and write about slow jogs, and never about a good workout, or feeling good, or losing weight. I have been on a really bad streak and I am having a really hard time snapping out of it.

I am going to come back here and chronicle my running again, but I need to prioritize losing weight and being healthier. Hopefully that is sooner rather than later. I don’t really have a solid plan or a solution but I know I’ve had success in the past when I totally change my habits, so I’m going to just take a step back from writing about running every day until I’m in a better place. See ya soon!

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