328 – 334, 334 – 340, 340 – 346 (week 6), 346 – 353

I’m terrible at this blog. I can’t keep doing posts once a week.

Last Wednesday I walked like 7 miles and was exhausted, and did not run. I had to commute to Hoboken for work, and then Union City, and the light rail was all messed up I had to walk from Newport to my office, and then I had to walk home. I was just too drained to do anything after I got home.

Last Thursday I made a dumb mistake and got tricked by the weather forecast, which predicted rain, but it never rained. So I was just a dummy staying home for no reason.

Friday and Saturday I did 6 mile jogs. Saturday was maybe the nicest day of the year and I thought about doing something fast but my body wasn’t really cooperating. Friday night I don’t really recall, I think it might have rained a little bit at some point.

Sunday was a gross day and I did not get out for a run.

Monday I did 6, and tried to do a tempo run that went very poorly. I ended up alternating jog and tempo miles, and tried to program goals for splits in my head. The first 2 were 8 minute miles, and I did 7:57 and 8:06, so that was good ,and the last one I wanted to do 7:30 but I ran 7:40, which I think was affected by having to stop for the light rail. I felt really bad during this one and I think I turned it into something kinda positive. Also, this was a week 6 workout, so I’m trying to juggle stuff.

Today, I wanted to give the 15 miler to end week 5 a shot, but when I started it was kind of rainy, and never really improved. I also didn’t feel great, and had a 7 miler to cover, so I decided to do that. I averaged something like 9:20s throughout the jog, but got a little faster as it went on.

I’m not really doing a great job of getting in shape so far. I’m covering the workouts, which is fine, but I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to running a decent half marathon, which I am supposed to do in 2.5 weeks. My mid-section has felt like garbage from eating and drinking like shit so that needs to change. My workouts are too slow for this stage of training and I’d really like to start making some strides towards actually doing good, efficient workouts. I’m gonna keep working and hopefully have a nice 15 miler tomorrow. Alright, see ya.


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296 – 302, 302 – 315, 315 – 321 (week 5), 321 – 328

Ok this is gonna be a mega post. So, Friday night I did a 6 mile jog and my legs actually felt good for the first time in a very long time. I comfortably jogged under 9 minute miles and that felt pretty good.

Saturday we went to an Earth Day thing, which was outside at City Hall, and we did a ton of walking, and eating and drinking, and at some point we agreed to just enjoy the day and not make ourselves nuts about running. Overall probably a good idea

Sunday I did a 13 mile jog, and somewhat confusingly it was week 3’s long run. I kept putting it off, and now I am going to have to deal with where to put week 4’s 12 miler, but I’ll deal with that later. I wanted to run some tough hills on this workout, and that is definitely what happened in the first half. I ran up Newark/Palisades Ave for a while, which is tough, and I was planning to run down to Hoboken, but I saw a massive hill on Paterson Plan Road/Manhattan Ave going from JC into Union City, and I decided to run up it, and man it was tough. I ended up then kind of just winging it, and found myself somewhere familiar and ended up running home



Pretty much everything was in the 9:00 – 9:13 range, and most of it was pretty effortless. Perhaps most notably I did not stop once (except for a stoplight here and there), and I don’t think that will happen again on a long training run, but it let me get splits for every mile. There will have to be water in the future. I really just have to get a new watch. Hopefully I can get to that soon.

Now that week 3 is closed, it is


Week                               Planned                           Completed

1                                        40                                     40
2                                        42                                     34
3                                        45                                     46.5
4                                        40                                     28.5

I am not done with week 4, and I will add in what I eventually to do deal with the 12 miler I missed. It might be a 10 miler, but I’ll see how my week goes.

On to actual week 5, On Monday, I jogged 6 miles, and holy hell how have four weeks gone by? This run was hot garbage. I actually started off fine, and the weather was decent, but I was going really slow and the second half sucked. I had no motivation and just kind of dragged my ass home.

Today, Tuesday, was a lot better. I did a warmup, and then 5 in 38:58. I had my splits at 8:01, 16:07, 24:00, 31:41, and 38:58, for 8:01, 8:06, 7:53, 7:41 and 7:19 splits. My watch had it a little bit different, but close enough. I wanted to run hard and steady and try to do 40 minutes, but push towards the end if it felt good. Obviously I did that, and I ran pretty hard for the last mile. It was a good workout.

I finally feel like I’m making some good progress and I’m gonna keep building. See ya tomorrow for a jog.

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284.5 – 289.5, 289.5 – 296

Alright so last night I did a really easy 5 mile jog, and it was fine. The weather was nice, and I listened to Louis CK on Bill Simmons podcast and it was fine. Not much else to report.

Tonight, I was planning to do week 3’s 13 miler but I had a super hard day at work and I couldn’t make my brain do it. I am still obviously doing it, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. I ended up doing 6.5 miles, mostly to get rid of the decimal. I did the first 3 in 27:05, but it went like 9:30, 8:50 and then 8:40, mostly because at some point a random woman decided to race me, and I just couldn’t let her pass me. Timing every mile is hard since my watch won’t stop, but I’d imagine it was right around 8:55 miles or so for the whole thing, and that’s fine for now.

I might do 13 tomorrow night because Ti had plans, and I want to GIT ER DONE. My food and booze is still terrible but I have a plan and I think the next couple of weeks will be great for me dropping some weight. Alright, see ya tomorrow.

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273.5 – 278.5. 278.5 – 284.5 (week 4)

So first things first, I haven’t done my week 3 long run yet, so I haven’t closed out week 3 yet. I’ll get to that, but in the mean time I did workouts on Monday and yesterday. I also have to get rid of the half mile ASAP because it’s annoying to type.

On Sunday my legs felt like total garbage, and that was from just walking around, so I decided to take a day off, and I am glad that I did. My legs did not feel great on Monday either, but they were better so I did a 5 mile jog. I didn’t time it, but it was fine.

Yesterday I had a crazy day at work, and I was planning to do the 13 miler but I was just totally brain dead. I laid on the couch when I got home and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I somehow got up and got myself dressed, and mostly did the run so I wouldn’t fall asleep at like 7pm and then wake up at midnight or something. I also wanted to get it over with, so my plan was to do a mile warmup, 30 mins of ins and outs, and then a cool down, and hope it was 6 miles. I did the warmup, and started running kinda hard, but realized quickly I was going way too fast. So, I decided to recalibrate, and settled on doing some interval miles. The first one was 7:30, but that was mostly the product of being about 5 minutes into it when I decided that I was going to change my workout. I took a break, and did another rep in 6:58, which was good. I decided to jog a mile before the last rep, and then did the last one in 6:49, which was also good. I haven’t done any fast running in a while, so this was a good start. I was pretty gassed when it was over, and I did a cool down, and it was a good workout.

Tonight I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’m planning to do 13 on Thursday, and then I’ll have to move things around from there. Alright, see ya later.

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252.5 – 258.5, 258.5 – 265.5, 265.5 – 273.5

A huge problem with doing several runs in one blog is that it’s hard to remember runs.

Thursday, I did a really tough 6 mile jog, and I spent an inordinant amount of time this morning trying to remember my route. All I know is that I got really nauseous, and I only remember that because I met Ti for dinner afterwards and I felt like garbage. I seriously have no idea what route I ran, and I didn’t time it, but I remember that I hated it.

Friday, I ran really nice 7 miler up and down Palisades Ave where I felt like I had my legs and I just got into a nice groove The weather was nice and I just enjoyed myself, so that was a good one

Saturday, I had 8 miles planned, and I had a really hard time figuring out what to do. My legs were kind of sore from running a little bit up tempo on Friday, but it was a beautiful 65 degree day, so I decided I would try to throw in 2 really hard miles into the middle of my workout. This was a terrible plan. First it was a solid 15 degrees hotter today than it has been, and I also made an idiotic plan for when the fast portion would happen. I somehow settled on jogging 5 miles, running hard for 2, and then a cool down. By the time I did the 5 miles, I had been running so slow and my legs were so tired that I just had nothing left. I did one mile in like 7:55 and had to sit on a bench for a while. I eventually ran home but I think I ran faster up hills last night than I did today when I was actually trying to run fast.

The good news is that I am on pace to finish my miles for this week. The bad news is that I am still getting back in shape and not really doing productive speed workouts. I’ll get there though. Dropping 13 tomorrow to finish the week, see ya then.

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247.5 – 252.5

Tonight I jogged 5 miles without a watch and it went fine. The weather was decent, and there was some obligatory wind, but it was mostly just a quiet workout.

I have to turn my food and booze around. It’s been really, really bad this whole year, and I’m having a hard time with it. I’m eating so much garbage and drinking way too much. I’m getting in better running shape but it’s worthless if I can’t control my nutrition. I am going to really try to focus on making that a priority

I recently learned that what I thought was a 4 mile route is actually closer to 4.1 or 4.2, and I did that loop a lot of times in the first 3 months of the year. I’m very tempted to add on to my yearly mileage but I’m not going to yet because I haven’t offically mapped the course. I may do it if it’s substantial.

Alright, I’ll be back tomorrow for 8 total miles. I’m not really sure what I’m doing for those 8 miles, but maybe a warmup, 3 miles at tempo-ish pace, a short break, 3 tempo-ish back, and then a cooldown. See ya.

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240 – 247.5 (week 3)

Hey blog.

Last night rained again, so I took the night off, and I have officially missed a workout. I owed 8 miles to week 2, and I will try to replace them. Let’s go to


Week                               Planned                           Completed

1                                        40                                     40
2                                        42                                     34

The weather has been awful. Every day has either been rainy, windy, or rainy and windy. I can make up these early miles though, and I already made some progress tonight.

What was the weather like tonight? Very windy. I’ve said it a million times, but running in the wind is the worst. I did my warmup mile, and was stretching, and my clothes were rippling due to Gale Force winds, and I thought to myself, “why am I doing this?” I don’t know if I ever really found the answer, but I was planning to do 6 total miles, but I talked myself into doing 5 tempo miles, and a cool down. So, after my warmup, my miles were 7:54, 7:59, 8:04, 7:52, 7:58, for a total of 39:52, and I know that doesn’t add up. I think my watch averages times for the entirety of a mile, and it also doesn’t stop, but I was gunning for 40 minutes, so that is good. I ended up finishing far away from home so I had a 1.5 mile cool down, which is why I ran 1.5 extra tonight, and I will try to get rid of the decimal tomorrow, and apply the extra distance to what I missed last week.

The wind was very hard, and I’m slowly trying to reintroduce my body to running hard, and I think it’s going OK. I am registered for a 10k on May 14, and I’d like to run fast in that, so I’m going to incorporate more speed stuff over the next 4 weeks. I’m also going to try to make up the 8 miles I missed in week 2 but I’m not going to obsess over it. I am very comfortable in letting myself get rained out, which is happening a lot lately, but I just want to focus on the workouts.

I feel like even though I have a lot of extra weight on me, and I’m running slow, I’m in good shape to start doing good workouts. I’m gonna keep pushing the momentum, see ya tomorrow.

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