1,172 – 1,179, 1,179 – 1,187

Last night was right up there for the absolute least I’ve ever wanted to run. I had to go to court late, it was unbelievably disgusting outside for the millionth night in a row, and my legs felt terrible. I was sitting on the couch basically 100% convinced that I was taking the night off. I somehow got dressed and convinced myself that I had to do SOMETHING. It was too late to start a long run so I just got myself to commit to running 7 as easy as I could. I did a loop through Port Imperial to mix things up a little bit and I finished in something like 64 minutes. It sucked but I’m glad I did it.

Tonight is a top 10 contender for most I have ever sweat on a run. Right now its 83/feels like 85 and it’s 8:40pm, and the sun has been down for like an hour, so that should give some perspective to the grossness. When I walked outside at like 7 my first thought was just “ugh” at the wall of humidity. I knew midday, when it was about 93 degrees that I was not going to even bother a longer run, but all I have left for the next few days were 6,8,10, 16 and 17. I wanted to save the 6 miler, and have hopefully tomorrow night and Monday pegged for the real long ones depending on the weather. I have an 8 mile loop that I get through pretty quickly, so I decided on that. My watch was dead so I just put on Hardcore History and went out door, hit 4 miles, searched for a water fountain by a football field and never found one, and ran 4 back. I timed the 7th mile and it was an 8:15 which was pretty good but I knew the beginning was way slower. My legs felt better tonight but the heat has just been crippling and there’s not much I can do about that.

Finally, I weighed 208 tonight after my run which is totally unfair because I was crazy dehydrated but it’s what I weighed, so I am taking it. My plan is 16 tomorrow, 6 Saturday, and then either 10 or 17 on Sunday and Monday depending on how I feel.  See ya later!

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1,166 – 1,172 (week 7)

It took 6 whole weeks but I finally just straight up skipped a workout yesterday, and I’ve put myself in a bit of a pickle. It’s Tuesday and I haven’t done week 6’s long run. I planned to tonight, but was instantaneously not feeling it because it was a wall of humidity outside and I’ve been very lethargic the last few days. I don’t think I’m necessarily getting burned out, it’s just really hard to run in 80-90 degree weather every single day for over a month. Absolutely none of these runs are fun, and all of them are challenging. Sunday’s run was just a total drain and I couldn’t even think about running yesterday. Tonight I got all geared up but knew it would get really ugly. I turned it into a 6 mile jog and I am going for 16 tomorrow which is supposed to be very hot again but I have to get it done.

It’s going to be a really rough week because I’m basically just dumping a 16 miler in a week where I’ve already planned 54 miles, so I am definitely going into Monday and then have to jump right into week 8. I REALLY don’t want to get back into the habit of borrowing days from other weeks which I did all winter, but it’s going to be really hard to go 13 days in a row and almost 120 miles over that time period. I just need to push through and I have a nice cutback in week 9 leading up to the JC half on the 20th.

The rest of my week is going to be rough. I’ve got 16 tomorrow, then some combination of 6, 7, 8, and 10 for Thursday-Sunday and then 17 on Monday. It’s gonna be hard and hot and all that fun stuff.

I should edit a list, which will sadly exclude 16 August miles I should have done, but more for September:

Longest months ever

  1. September 2013 – 266
  2. August 2013 – 236
  3. March 2015 – 222
  4. September 2012 – 215
  5. July 2013 – 204
  6. August 2015 – 185
  7. October 2012 – 184
  8. April 2015 – 182
  9. October 2011 – 176

Alright, see ya later.

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1,156 – 1,166

Holy cow this workout was an adventure.

So I had to choose between two workouts today, a 9 miler, or my 16 mile long run. I walked out my door at about 3pm prepared to do the 9 miler. About 2 minutes later I got real ambitious, and thought “I’m going to commute to Manhattan and do my long run.” The next thing I knew I was getting off the subway at 96th street in like 90 degree heat.

I walked the wrong way, towards the park, and had to double back, and finally got started around 96 and West End. I stopped to go to the bathroom at the park at 125, and the rest was pretty uneventful, besides the fact that at some point I decided that I wasn’t running 16, and I was going to do the 9 miler. I had it in my head that I would just run to a light rail stop, and take it home. The problem was that once I was done with 9, I was incredibly far away from a light rail stop. I was in the dead middle of Edgewater, and had like 2 miles to get to Port Imperial at least. I did 9 in 81:48, which was 9:05s, and walked for a while. Then I just jogged another mile out of boredom, and because I was so far away.

THEN I decided, “Oh let me explore this random side road that goes up a monster hill for no good reason.” Then, I walked down this random stair case, and finally got to Port Imperial, and went to the bathroom. I walked to the light rail, and the wait time was 20 minutes. TWENTY. I wanted to kill myself. I had already been done running, and walking, for at least half an hour. I finally got on the stupid thing, and got off and ended up walking even more because I wanted to buy some stuff on my way home.

The total amount of walking I did today was insane, on top of the running. I walked a mile before my run started, probably another half a mile in NYC before I started, and then probably at least another 2 miles when I was done running, and then another 1.5 after that to get home because I got off the lightrail at Harborside for some reason. This was a very poorly planned run. Like, my worst planned run ever. I basically stranded myself in the middle of nowhere, and it was not fun. I should have just run the extra 6 miles, but once I lock in to my head what I’m doing I have a really hard time deviating from that. So, I ran an extra mile, and I have to do my actual long run tomorrow night. This workout was mentally exhausting so cranking out another hard workout tomorrow won’t be fun. MARATHON TRAINING.

Assuming I get through 16 tomorrow I’ll be at 201 for the month of August which is excellent, and then onto week 7. Alright, see ya later.

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1,149 – 1,156

Ay blog.

This afternoon I jogged 7 miles in 61:30 and it was pretty good. When I started my legs felt terrible and it was kind of warm, but once I got started it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was about 82 degrees, and once I got warmed up my legs were fine. I ran up to JC Heights and got into a pretty nice groove and listened to some tunes. Not much else to report besides the fact that I weighed 210.0 after my run, which I am happy with. I ate a bunch of pasta and bread last night and had 3 drinks, but I also didn’t drink any water until after I showered and weighed myself, and I think that’s a pretty safe way to make sure the scale is on your side.

I just learned that the next 4 days are all supposed to be over 90 degrees, and that is not great. I have to do a  9 miler and a 16 miler tomorrow and Monday, so I will probably be waiting until late at night to do both of those. There’s a strong chance I will sweat enough to weigh 209 when I get home, so that’s something. Alright, see ya tomorrow!

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1,143 – 1,149

Hey blog.

Last night was by far the coolest night of the summer, as it was a brisk 79 degrees with very low humidity, so I decided to try to run really fast for the first time in a while. It went pretty good. I did a 1 mile warmup, and then I did 4 miles in 28:53, and a 1 mile cool down. My splits were something like 7:25, 7:20, 7:10, and 7:00. I thought about making it a 5 mile fast workout several times, but convinced myself to just take it easier and build up to 5. I was pretty tired when it was over but it was mostly wear and tear on my legs. My lungs and my upper body felt fine, my legs were just tired.


I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself every day but I ate really well yesterday and knew I would be lighter than 214, so I stepped on the scale and I was 210.5, which I was happy with. I still need to stay focused on eat healthy because I’m going to run out of time to lose weight if I don’t do it soon.

Today will be a day off, although I don’t really want it to be. I have plans right after work to go out to dinner in NYC and see the play Hamilton, and I just won’t have time to run. It will be good rest for my legs going into a long weekend though, so maybe it’s for the best.

Alright, see you tomorrow.

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1,136 – 1,143

This blog is supposed to be about running, but tonight it will be about how much I hate my scale. I weighed myself last night after I ran, and I was 211 lbs. I met Ti for dinner and had a Cobb Salad, which I think is reasonable. I had ONE beer. We came home, I ate a few small snacks, and slept for 8 hours.

Today, I had 2 eggs on a roll for breakfast, a turkey and swiss sandwich with lots of vegetables for lunch, a soda at about 5pm, and ran 7 miles. I came home, chugged a few glasses of water and a Nesquik, looking forward to being about 210.5, and I was …..214.

Yes, thats correct, I had 3 reasonable meals and one beer, and ran 7 miles, and gained 3 pounds. Now, there are a few variables in play, such as the fact that tonight was a lot cooler than it has been, so I didn’t sweat as much as I have been. I also drank a lot of water, and chugged a Nesquik and had a bite of food before I weighed myself. I’m not sure why this is so hard, or if I’m just being impatient, but this is unbelievably frustrating. The good news is I feel better, and I was actually reluctant to weigh myself tonight because I don’t want to do it every day, but I’m glad I did because anger fuels me. I know my strategy is correct and maybe I need to cut out some bread to lose weight faster, but I am probably not weighing myself again for a few days. My goal is still 209 by post-run Sunday.

Ok, back to running, tonight I jogged 7 miles and it was fine. I did the first 3 through Port Liberte to shake things up a little bit, and I ran about 9:11 miles, and as I mentioned the weather was tolerable, which is a rarity. I wanted to take it easy because my legs have been tired and I think I did a good job of just relaxing and getting through the workout comfortably. Despite the fact that I apparently gain weight during every workout, I’m starting to feel a little bit stronger in my mid-section so that is good.

Alright, see ya tomorrow for 6.

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1,130 – 1,136

Today I started to put this chart together that I will build on as the weeks go, and it just shows what I planned to do, and what I’ve done so far.

Week                               Planned                           Completed

1                                        40                                     40
2                                        42                                     37
3                                        45                                     46
4                                        40                                     41
5                                        47                                      47

So I’ve planned 220, and done 217 counting today.

Looking good so far.

Tonight I jogged 6 miles and it was hard. My legs were tired and I unnecessarily did a lot of hard hills. I wanted to mix up my route so I ran up towards Lincoln Park, and ended up finding this trail that started taking me over the bridge into Newark, which is kind of cool, but there was a lot of climbing. I did it in like 54:30 but it was difficult, and I’m glad it’s over. It was also very hot, for a change and it looks like its just never cooling down based on the forecast.

I’m going to start setting some weight related goals, because I have to start making progress. I put on a calorie clinic on Saturday and Sunday morning, so I’m willing to bet I went  back up to 213, and today I was back down to 211. I’d like to be 209 by Sunday the 30th, 207 by Sunday the 6th, 205 by Sunday the 13th, and 203 by Sunday the 20th, which is when I run the JC half. My focus will be minimal booze, eating as healthy as possible, and getting all my workouts in. Bill Burr is losing 3 lbs a week doing this plan so I think 2 a week is reasonable. I’ve completely shit the bed on weight loss through 5 weeks so I am going to put the clamps down.

Alright, back tomorrow for 7. See ya.

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