Hey blog.

Today we took a day trip down to Monmouth County to grab some dinner in Asbury Park, and also decided to go for a run on the boardwalk in Belmar/Avon just for a change of scenery. I started on 19th street and jogged 2 miles north, and the way up was super cold and windy. That wasn’t fun. The way back was somehow hot, and it was just not my best performance, but I got through 4 miles. This was my 6th day running in a row, and that’s good.

I’m going to take tomorrow off to rest my legs, but I think I am making some nice progress getting back into a routine. Not drinking has been a very big help. My plan for this week is to do all 4-5 mile stuff and try a total of 6 miles probably on Saturday.

Alright, thats enough for now, see ya Wednesday.

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76 – 81

Today I did a “long” run of 5 miles on what was a pretty beautiful day. It was low 60s and unseasonably spring-like, so it was great running weather. I am trying to commit myself to taking things as slowly as possible, both in building my mileage slowly, and also running slowly because I am not capable of running fast yet. I thought about maybe trying to stretch it out to 6, but I didn’t want to over extend myself.

I ran the first 2.5 almost non-stop, with the exception of a stoplight or two, and did some stop and start on the way back to catch some Pokemon, but I did the whole last 2 consecutively. I am going to be running without my phone more frequently because I get too distracted, but for some runs I’ll bring it along to help pass the time.

I’ve run 5 days in a row, and did 21 miles this week. Still no booze, and my food intake is just Ok. My sugar intake is kind of bad because I’m drinking soda instead of beer, but its like 1 or 2 sodas instead of a million beers. I’m going to try to cut out some sugar as time goes on but its hard to drink water all the time.

I’m very curious about my weight but very afraid to weigh myself. I feel lighter, but I really don’t think I can handle stepping on the scale and learn that I’ve gained weight or stayed the same. I know that’s crazy but it would be bad for me. I feel better running, and my jeans fit better, so I’m just gonna stick with that and my plan is to weigh myself on March 1st. Some days I’m sure I’m skinner and some days I feel like I’m super bloated, but I’m sure thats just because even if I’ve lost 5-10 pounds, I’m still very overweight at this point. I have to get my head into a longer game where it will take me a few months to get back to normal.

I am doing a jog of at least 4 but maybe 5 tomorrow, so see ya then.




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31 – 76 (new shoes at 68)

Well, I haven’t been here in a while. I would like to get past that, but just as a brief explanation, there was a blizzard in January, and then I got a new job, and I had trouble adjusting to a new schedule, but I have been running in February. Today was my 12th run in the 18 days of the month so far, and many of them were in very cold weather and during another really bad snow storm. The 45 miles I listed above account for everything I’ve done that I didn’t write about.

Today was the first thing I’ve done that I would call a workout. After a lot of really brutal cold, wind and snow, today is 60 degrees and sunny, and I wanted to try to do something productie that wasn’t just really slow jogging. I’ve been feeling a little better on my feet after starting very slow, so I wanted to see what I was capable of.

I started out doing 2 miles in 16:56,  which consisted of a 8:42 and then a 8:14. This was a lot faster than I expected, and kind of submarined my plans to try to do 5 straight miles in 45 minutes. I’ve been doing a lot of stopping and starting on runs, and I want to see what I can do consecutively, but I’ll get to that another day.

This got me pretty gassed, so I stopped and walked for a few minutes, and then jogged another mile in 9:25. I wanted to see what it felt like to run hard, and I did a 3:45 half mile, which totally gassed me, and felt like I was running in sand. I jogged a mile home and that’s 4 miles.

I still have a long way to go before I get back in shape and get a hold of my paces for workouts. I am going to try to stay consistent and just keep try to improving.

One last thing worth mentioning is that when February started I weighed myself and was the heaviest I’ve been in my life by a very large margin, and I once again made a no drinking for a while promise, but I’m actually doing it this time. I had a few beers on Super Bowl, but beside that I have not had anything to drink this month. I am going to continue through February, and then try to keep it to one day a week at max going forward until I’m back in shape. I’m not weighing myself because I don’t want to get too caught up in the numbers but my clothes are starting to fit better and I feel better, so I’m just gonna keep moving in the right direction.

Alright, see ya soon.

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27 – 31

Well, when you take a huge break from running, its hard to get back into it. Sunday I took off because my legs were tired, and I got rained out on Monday and Tuesday. I jogged 4 miles last night, and had shit to do tonight. I will get back on track tomorrow, promise. I just wish I’d spent a few weeks getting back into a routine, but can’t fix that now. Just gonna move forward. See ya tomorrow!

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16 -22, 22 – 27

Hey blog.

It is New Years Eve and I am simmering French Onion soup for a while, and thought I would take a few minutes to get in here and talk about my runs from Friday and today.

Last night I jogged 6 miles, and it took a god damn eternity. I guess god damn eternity is hell. So it was hell? It wasn’t that bad but it just seemed like it was taking forever. I ran like 96% of it but had to walk in a few spots, but did a nice job of starting up again after I stopped and walked for a minute.

Today I jogged 5 miles, and I did the first 2.5 consecutively, which was good but a lot of effort. I rested and stretched for a few minutes, and then came back and hit the 4 mile marker and walked again for a minute, and then took it home. I ran 98% of this. I’m looking forward to when I stop walking during runs because calculating what percentage of a run I actually ran is dumb.

Tomorrow I attempt 8 miles and I have no idea how that’s gonna go. I’m glad I’ve strung together 5 straight days but I wish I did this a few weeks ago leading up to marathon training. Oh well, I made my bed and now I have to wake up from that bed and do shitty runs. I know I will cover 8 miles tomorrow but it might be real terrible. We’ll see!

Alright, back tomorrow.

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11 – 16

Hey blog.

Tonight I jogged 5 miles and it went pretty well. I made it the whole entire first half before I stopped, and that’s a good development. I made it to about the 4 mile marker on the way back before I had to stop for a minute or so, and I jogged the rest of the way home. I jogged like 98% of this so that’s good. This is obviously still very early in the process but I feel like I might be able to string together some consecutive jogs soon, and then start turning those into faster runs.

I might do my long run of 8 miles tomorrow just because it works out best logistically for me this week. I am not feeling great about my ability to run 8 miles, but I know I can travel the distance if there is some walking involved. I’m doing a better job than I thought I would of covering decent distances once I stop for the first time. I was worried that I would stop and then do like 200 yards and then stop and start over and over, but I’m doing a good job of covering like a least a mile each time I start up again.

I like the improvement in my heart rate the last few days and I am 3/3 so far. Gonna keep the ball moving. See ya tomorrow.

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I guess I should start out by clarifying that my first workout was yesterday, the 27th, and my “year” ends on December 26th, 2o17. I’m not really sure why I’m doing this but I just wanted to get a fresh start for what is hopefully my return to being a not obese person.

As for today, I traveled 6 miles and ran about 95% of it. While I was not running I did not get to do dumb math in my head, and I spent some time debating how much I ran, and I just settled on 95%. I made it a little over 2 miles in a row, with the exception of some stop lights, and up the top of the really steep Newark Ave hill before I had to stop for a second. I stopped again when I hit 3 miles and walked for a minute, The second half was downhill so it was easier, and I stopped to walk for like 100 yards maybe 2 or 3 times. My lungs felt better tonight than they did last night, so that is good.

I think I have one thing on my side, and that is that my legs are not tired. I’m sure they will be tired shortly, but there is no wear and tear on them due to the last several months of very light activity.

I can’t see myself using a watch for a couple of weeks, and I am not rushing into trying to run fast. I just want to make steady progress, and I don’t even know if my goal is to run a very fast marathon at the end of this, or just to complete one. I think I would be cool with a 3:45 and then build on that for something fast in the fall. Of course, if I feel like I can do better workouts sooner, I definitely will.

Alright, good first 2 days. Back tomorrow.

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