868 – 873, 873 – 877

Hey blog.

I got into a weird funk the last couple of days. I was in TR on Saturday and Sunday and didn’t run at all. Saturday I had to work and then it rained all day. Sunday when we got home I ended up walking about 8 miles through JC doing random stuff and didn’t really feel like running afterwards. Monday I ended up walking another 3 miles to do some chores and get a haircut, and was just real tired in general. Tuesday I finally got back on track but I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic. Anyway.

Tuesday I did 5 total miles, where I warmed up, ran a 6:24 mile, jogged another mile, ran 2 800s in 3:07 and 3:08, and then jogged a mile home. I wanted the 2 800s to be one real good mile but it just wasn’t happening. My food intake has been terrible and it just makes me feel gross, so I’m gonna have to try to address that.

Yesterday I did a 2 mile warmup, and then 2 more miles sprinting up and down a hill that’s a quarter mile, and then jogging down it. This hill is nasty, and running up it sucks. It was also a very hot and humid day, so it was real tough. I was going to jog 2 miles home, but I was with Ti and we ended up just walking around and both of us were pretty spent from the hills.

It’s hard to be motivated year-round but I’m going to keep moving forward and try to have an enjoyable next 2 and a half weeks or so until marathon training starts up again. Alright, see ya later.

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864 – 868

Hey blog.

Tonight I jogged 4 miles. I was gonna do 5 but I goofed up my route and was carrying bags so I cut it down to 4. I don’t know if I can run tomorrow but maybe I’ll give 10 a shot on Sunday. I’m not going to hit 900 by the end of the month which stinks but I’m not really going for mileage right now, since I will be pursuing that further in about 3 weeks. I’m actually pretty happy with my level of fitness and how my body feels considering I’ve basically been on vacation for a month and a half, and I’m not totally screwing my body up for another round of marathon training soon. I am definitely confident I could walk into week 1 of marathon training at about 37-40 miles with no problem, so that is good.

As far as training to race a mile, I think I’ve actually gotten slower, but whatever. Doing speed workouts in general is a good thing and if I lose to my buddy so be it. I have to work tomorrow from 9-3 and then I’m immediately heading to Toms River. I might sneak 5 in but if I don’t, I don’t. This is the time where I can miss workouts and not feel bad about it, so I am going to try to enjoy it as much as I can. Alright, see ya later.

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859 – 864

Hey blog,

Last night I ran 5 miles, the middle 3 of which were in 24:33. I was just planning to jog but that middle section was faster than I thought, and it felt good so I went with it. I wasn’t really running hard but hit the 2nd miles in 8:17 or so, which surprised me, and I just held the pace. Nothing else too exciting. I’m planning to run the next 3 days, and still trying to hit 900 by the end of the month. Alright, see ya later.

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853 – 859

Hey blog.

I did not run this past weekend. On Saturday we were out all day drinking with our friends in Long Island, and on Sunday I spent the whole day on the couch recovering from Saturday. I took a long walk, but unfortunately that doesn’t count here.

Tonight I actually ran 5.5 miles but I’m taking credit for 6 because I run probably about a half a mile a week with the dog that I never give myself credit for, so I’m just putting it here. I wanted to jog, but it was very hot, and I wanted to get home, so I ended up doing about 8:40 miles. I wasn’t pushing it but it was faster than my normal jog pace. The heat was really brutal and for the last 1.5 miles or so I was carrying bags and I just got totally gassed. I’ve mentioned many times that I’m terrible at running in hot weather and today was no exception. I am pretty glad that I am committed to mostly short distances for the time being, but once I get back into the full swing of things it will probably be rough.

Not much else to report, I feel a pretty healthy kick coming on as I’ve been really bad for a long time and started eating healthier meals out of disgust for how I feel, so hopefully that sustains itself. Tomorrow I might take a day off and then run real fast on Wednesday. Alright, see ya.

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848 – 853


Tonight I did not want to run. I had a long week and I just wanted to collapse on the couch and die, but I somehow got dressed and did a run. It wasn’t anything exciting but I’m glad I did it. I did a warm up mile, 1.5 miles in 12 minutes, then I walked around the park for a few minutes because I wanted to see what was happening at a big construction site but it turns out they are only replacing water and sewer lines which is dumb, did another 1.5 in 12:10, and then jogged home. I didn’t really want to do anything crazy but wanted to hit 8 minute miles for the middle section and I did that so that was good.

I don’t think I’m getting a run in tomorrow but hoping to do 9 on Sunday. Alright, see ya later!

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842 – 848

Gotta do a quick one tonight, again. I ran 6 total. I didn’t time the first mile because my watch took some time to find a signal, but the first 2 were in 18 minutes and it was mostly uphill, and the last 3 werein 26, and it was mostly downhill. I shook up my route a little bit, and there was a nice cool breeeze. Otherwise, not much to report. I think I might try to do 3 tempo miles tomorrow. See ya!

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836 – 837, 837 – 842

So, Monday I was planing to take the day off to rest my hamstring, but I had some errands to do, so I jogged to them. It totaled a mile. It wasn’t a workout, but I ran a mile and I am going to take credit for it. Yesterday I took off on purpose.

Today, I wanted to try 800s again because I really need to start doing some real fast stuff. I jogged a pretty easy warmup of 1.5 miles, and did 4 800s in 2:58, 3:06, 3:08 and 3:06. I took about 3 minutes of rest in between each rep. The first thing I will say is, holy shit was I gassed at the end of this. Like loudly gasping for air after the last one. Second, my legs felt like total bricks. I have not run this fast for an extended period of time in a very long time, and it was just tough. This was like 100% of my sprint capacity, and I just haven’t done that a lot lately, so it was a good workout, and I’m sure my legs will be very sore tomorrow. I also did a 1.5 mile cool down, and I will try to build up my reps and decrease the rest time between reps as time goes on.

I am going to continue doing 5 days a week through July 20 when marathon training starts, just because I want to stay fresh and take as much of a “vacation” between marathons as I can. I did not get a long run in last week, but I am fine with that, and I will try to do 9 probably on Sunday of this week. I am just focused on doing some different workouts and not let running take over my life again until I’m 18 weeks out from a race.

Alright, see ya tomorrow.

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