427 – 440 (Brooklyn Half), 440 – 447

Yesterday I ran the Brooklyn Half, and as expected I ran a slow time but I am kind of happy with what I did. I knew I was not in shape to race so I wanted to just see how I felt in the first few miles, and try to have what would essentially be an uptempo distance workout, and I was able to do that pretty effectively. I was never really pushing too hard so my legs feel decent today.

The race itself was super annoying for the first 7 miles or so. We had to wake up at 5am to get there and it was super crowded. The congestion was so bad for the first 7 miles and I had to completely crash down my stride like 10 times because I got stuck behind people who were going realllllllllllly slow. Also, considering that the course is in a cool city, you see absolutely none of the city. You’re in a park for the first half, and running down a highway for the 2nd half until you’re in Coney Island, with 30,000 other people. I don’t think I’m running this race again..

My 5k splits were:


53:04 (26:45)

1:18:43 (25:39)

1:45:08 (26:25)

I averaged 8:29 splits and it felt fine. My legs felt ok Sunday and I did a 7 mile jog that went fine. Today, for some reason, my left knee was bothering me all day so I took some rest, and I’m jumping back into the fire tomorrow and apparently not taking any rest until July. Alright, see ya!

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408 – 415 (10k), 415 – 421, (week 8), 421 – 427

Alright, so last Friday I took a day off. My legs felt shitty and I was racing the next day so I just wanted to take the rest.

Saturday I ran a 10k in Jersey City that went OK. I started out way too fast and kind of crashed and burned, and had to walk twice for like a minute. My splits were 7:14, 14:50, 22:30, (walked for a minute after mile 3) 30:50, 38:40, (walked for a minute after mile 5), and finished in 48:55, which is like 7:54 miles or something. I ran pretty hard for portions of this and it was a pretty firm reminder that I am not in shape. To be a little fair to myself, this was kind of a hot race and that made conditions difficult, but I was just not ready to test my lungs in a 10k.

I took Sunday and Monday off because my legs felt like total garbage. Like it hurt to walk around. I did an easy 6 on Tuesday, it rained Weds, and I did another easy 6 last night. I am planning to jog tonight, and run the Brooklyn Half tomorrow. I know this half is going to suck but I want to at least give myself a shot to do something that isn’t a total embarassment. Last year at the end of week 9 I did a half in 1:37. This is the end of week 8 and I’ve missed 3 long runs, and I am not certain I can break 1:45, which is slower than both the first and 2nd halves of my marathon in November.

My motto is “don’t say what you’re gonna do, say what you did”. I intend to go back after those workouts which is a direct contradiction of what I just said, but I don’t want to overhype “here’s how I’m going to fix this!”. I want to fix it, and then report it. After I get super pissed about how shittily I run tomorrow, I am going to use that motivation to actually get in shape over the next 10 weeks.

Also I don’t know why my legs have felt so bad, but I am no longer listening to my legs and I am doing the miles. See ya later!

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402 – 408

I’m bad at running right now. My body feels bad and it feels like there is a brick in my stomach. Last night I was supposed to either do 6, 7 or 8 and I just wasn’t feeling it and did 6. Still in a bad slump, gonna keep working. See ya later.

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394 – 402

400 milesssssss

Tonight the weather was really nice but I had no desire to run. I just felt crappy and tired, and my legs are sore, but I made it out the door for 8 miles and it was ok but it was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper slow. I just shuffled up and down Palisades Ave. and it was so boring. I got stopped at a bunch of lights for a long time, and the community at large did a terrible job of letting me jog past them. I swear people were just walking directly at me and not moving to give me space. It was annoying.

Anyway, I’m tired, I’ll see ya tomorrow.

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388 – 394 (week 7)

So I took Monday off because my legs felt like garbage, and I jogged 6 miles with no watch today. I am juggling miles and trying to get back on track, but I felt decent today. I had my legs beneath me and got through the workout without it feeling it like it was a slogfest so that was good. Gonna keep churning and we’ll go from there. See ya tomorrow.

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360 – 366, 366 – 373, 373 – 388

Hey blog. I had a decent running weekend.

Friday night I ran a real rushed 6 miler. I was supposed to do 7 but just didnt have time. I had plans to go to a concert (Born Ruffians) and I was meeting my friend at 7:30. I got my run started at like 5:45, and was just trying to jam in as many miles as I could and still make it on time. I almost did nothing, and I almost did 4 or 5, so I am glad I did 6.

Saturday I did a total of 7 miles with a 5 mile tempo portion where my goal was to negative split each mile. I was kind of hungover and feeling terrible so I wasn’t too optimistic about this workout, but it went pretty well. Here’s a picture of my splits


I had it at 9:07, 17:50,  25:10, 34:00, 41:35, and my watch wasn’t too far off with 9:08, 8:44, 8:17, 7:48, 7:32.  This was probably too slow considering how hard I was pushing, ut it was a good workout.

Tonight I did 15 miles, and it went pretty well. The weather was pretty nice, and most of this was pretty lowkey. I ran the first 5 in almost exactly 45 minutes, and then sped up a little bit at the end. After 9 miles I stopped for water, and towards the end I ran some splits in the 8:40ish range, which was good. Not being able to stop my watch kinda sucks because I have no idea what my total time was, but I think it was somewhere in the 2:14 range. I did a nice job of remembering how to settle in during a longer run, and that felt good.

I also did a ton of walking this weekend. I walked about 3 miles on Saturday, and another 5 or so today, so that’s good and my legs are tired.

Alright, this run lets me close out week 5, so its time for


Week                               Planned                           Completed

1                                        40                                     40
2                                        42                                     34
3                                        45                                     46.5
4                                        40                                     28.5
5                                        47                                      47

I am still several workouts behind, and I am going to have to do some juggling and hope for good weather. It’s also going to be rough to make up miles because the actual mileage for each week is starting to get steep, but I’ll do what I can. Just gonna keep making progress.

Alright see ya tomorrow.

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353 – 360

Hey blog.

Last night I got goofed by the weather and I didn’t run. I got dressed to do my long run and walked outside, and it was doing that really annoying windy mist that it did on Tuesday, and I just didn’t feel like dealing with that, so I went back inside. I tried again about 45 minutes later and nothing had changed, and I got frustrated and went inside and changed. I could have done something, though, and I psyched myself out of this one.

Tonight I also wanted to do a long run, but was having a super hard time motivating myself. The weather was overcast and there was crazy wind, but I got out for a 7 mile jog, and most of it went fine. Towards the end I stopped at a farmers market to buy dinner, and I had to run with that for about 1.5 miles which was kind of annoying. Even more annoying was that towards the end, I found that part of my route was completely impassable due to a flood. I ran past this spot on the way out, and it was pretty wet, but when I got back it was a huge river of like 8 inch deep water, and it went on for like 40 yards. I had no choice but to walk through it and completely saturate my shoes and socks. That was not fun.

I also got insanely lucky because when I got home I realized my debit card was like 2 seconds away from falling out of a pocket, and I probably never would have noticed it. So, at least that was a positive.

I’m in a real bad rut and I need to snap out of it. The weather has been super inconsistent and I’ve been hating work, and I’m super burnt out. I don’t have a lot of pleasure in running right now, and I think a lot of that is because I’m not in great shape. I’m having a really hard time turning around my diet and booze intake, although the last 2 weeks have been a little bit better. I’m just going to keep working and hopefully start having good workouts. I am getting kind of behind on my long runs and feel like theres no way I’m running a good half marathon on May 21, but I am not ruling it out. This is a bad spot but I’ll get past it.

Alright see ya tomorrow for another 7.


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