135 – 137, 137 – 142, 142 – 147, 147 -151

Alright so I ran that good 5 miler last Friday, and haven’t posted since. I was very sore on Saturday and didn’t run, and only got through a 2 mile jog on Sunday because my legs were tired and I’m still fat.

I did a 5 mile jog on Tuesday, and another 5 mile jog yesterday, and they were both pretty forgettable. Tonight I did a 1 mile warmup, and then a hard timed mile in 7:26, a walking break for a few minutes, and then a 2nd timed mile that was also in 7:26, and then a mile cool down. This was a pretty good effort and felt like it reflected what I’m capable of right now, but there’s still a 20 lb. brick sitting in the middle of my body. I know I have gained weight since I last weighed myself because I’m not running enough to lose weight, and my food and beer intake have been OK, at best. I will say, my food and beer intake is not bad, its just not good, and my mileage doesn’t cancel out what I’m consuming. I’m getting better at doing challenging workouts but I just feel nauseous and challenged by how overweight I am.

I am making very good progress getting some muscle memory and lung capacity back, but for the millionth time I need to lose weight. My plan is to not drink again in April and really eat a super strict diet. The added weight is killer on my knees and my back and its just not reasonable for me to run a lot at my weight. I think I can focus for a month and get down below 220, and that will be really helpful.

I’m gonna try to do an easy jog tomorrow and give 8 miles a shot on Sunday. See ya later.

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130 – 135

So, it’s Friday. I haven’t run since Sunday’s 7 miler. I was incredibly sore afterwards, which was fine. Monday night there was a monster snow storm, and I was not very adventurous doing snow runs in 30 degree temperatures. I did do a walk last night, which is meaningless, but the path was very icy and snowy and cold. I could have run last night but the Villanova game was on at 7. Hindsight gets me nowhere, so now I am here.

My calorie intake in March has not been great, and I pretty certain I put on a few pounds between eating bad and not running because of the weather and drinking beer again. I wanted to give myself a confidence boost tonight, and planned to run 5 in 45 minutes. This was pretty lofty because my previous best this year was 5 in a row in 48:20 last Thursday. I think it’s worth noting that when I thought of this workout, I thought it was like 3 weeks ago. I just looked and was very surprised that it was last week.

When I ran tonight it was like 45 degrees, which felt like a beautiful Spring day since it has been so brutal out. I also had a chip on my shoulder because I just felt out of shape. I ended up finishing all 5 without stopping in 42:58, which was very good.

That’s all relative, though. It was very good for right now. It’s 5 minutes and 22 seconds faster than I covered the same distance last week. It’s worth noting that when I finished tonight, I was close to 100% done. Last week I felt like I just moved at a reasonable effort. I was going at a pretty hard tempo pace and had to really dig deep for a solid portion of this run. My splits were 8:45, 17:22 (8:37), 26:00 (8:38), 34:14 (8:14), 42:58 (8:44). I felt pretty solid through 3 miles, got a little dark around 3.5, and then just talked myself into fighting through the finish. I’m glad I did, because it lets me know what I’m capable of, but this was almost race effort for me.

I felt my extra weight being a significant hindrance towards the end of the run, and I really need to lose a lot of weight still. The last few weeks I’ve felt my metabolishm changing a lot, and I’m craving different foods. That’s both good and bad, because I can eat meals without feeling like I want to die immediately after, but I’m also craving like huge servings of pasta. I also feel like literally every beer I drink makes me gain a pound back. I need to really spend some time on my calorie intake in general, and use my newfound better fitness to put together like 3 or 4 straight weeks of progress to get to a better weight. My muscle memory and increased lung capacity played a big role tonight, but I’m going nowhere until I drop like 25 pounds. I’ve hated being this weight for a really long time, and I want to be a weight I like for the first time in a long time.

Alright. I’m jogging tomorrow. I will be sore tomorrow so I’m jogging 4. See ya then.

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123 – 130

Hey blog.

I should have run yesterday, but didn’t. Friday I had no time because I went straight from work to do wedding stuff, and then yesterday was more of the same, but I got caught up watching the Big East Championship game (Nova won) in Manhattan, and then it was like 8pm and I met Ti for dinner and then the day was over.

It’s also been really, really cold. Thursday night was 60 degrees, and then it snowed on Friday. Yesterday was freezing, and today was 31 degrees when I just ran from like 4:15-5:3o. It was also very windy and just overall pretty brutal.

The good news is that I made it through 7 miles. It was very slow, and very challenging, but I did it. I did the first half up Newark Avenue up the huge hill, and that kind of crushed my legs. I did that half in about 34 minutes, and I took a break for a few minutes. My legs were already really tired, and that made the way back challenging. Fortunately it was mostly downhill, but it was a lot of slow running, and I finished in almost exactly 70 minutes. 10 minute miles is not so great pace for me, but I am just trying to focus on progress.

I had a bad food and beer weekend, so I am going to try to refocus on doing a better job with that. Losing weight will make all of this easier and I just can’t have a single bad meal without it messing up the next several days. If I eat one gross meal and have a bunch of beers I feel awful for at least a day or two, and its just not worth it. That sucks but thats what happens when you start getting old.

Anyway, 7 miles is my longest run in a very long time and I am glad I made it that far. This week is supposed to be bitter cold, and there’s also supposed to be a blizzard that drops a foot of snow on us, so we’ll see how that goes. Alright bye!

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118 – 123

Hey blog,

Last night I took off and it might have been dumb, because it was a really nice night. My legs were tired, and I ended up going for like a 3 mile walk instead of running. If I had known the forecast for this weekend, which is apparently freezing cold and snow, I definitely would not have taken off, but it was supposed to be nice until the forecast dramatically changed. ANYWAY

Tonight I ran 5 miles IN A ROW in 48:20. That is a very big deal because it is my longest consecutive run in a very long time. I did no stops unless it was very briefly at a traffic light, and I am proud of myself. It was not fast and I was helped by the fact that it was a very nice night. My legs actually felt decent for a solid portion of this, although I did get pretty tired at the end. I’m used to taking breaks and catching my breath, but I’ve been wanting to work on stopping the breaks and just running solid.

Also, it was a good confidence boost because I played the “let’s guess how fast this is” game with myself, and I was almost exactly right. With about 2 miles left I guessed that I would finish in 48 minutes, and that’s basically what I did. That’s a big deal for me because I take great pride in my ability to sense how fast I’m running. I think that’s a really big intangible for workouts and it’s something I’m really good at when I’m in shape.

I hope to pick away at the speed issue as I continue to hopefully lose weight and continue to get back in shape. I was not running hard by any measure tonight, but if I was running hard I wouldn’t have been able to run non stop. If I wanted to do a genuine time trial I could have run faster but tonight was just a jog.

I may not run tomorrow night, but that’s ok because I can still do Saturday and Sunday and get 5 days in this week. If I can, I definitely will, though. I just know I have a bunch of stuff to do, so we’ll see. Alright, catch ya later.

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113 – 118

Tonight I ran in shorts and a short sleeve shirt because it was 48 degrees outside, and everyone I ran past was in winter clothes and thought I was crazy. I saw my breath at a few points but it felt good to not be wearing a million layers.

My workout tonight was a mile warmup, and as much of the “ins and outs” workout I could do within 3 miles. This is a diversion from the normal ins and outs where I do 5 minutes at a tempo pace, then 5 harder, and then back to 4 at tempo, 4 harder, 3 tempo, 3 harder, 2 tempo, 2 harder, 1 tempo, 1 hardest for 30 minutes total. When I’m in shape I usually get about 4 miles in during this 30 minutes, and sometimes more.

I also didn’t know if I’d get through the whole 30 minutes, so I figured I would try the 5/5, 4/4 section and see how I felt, and call it a workout at the 3 mile marker no matter what happened.

It ended up going about as good as I could have hoped. I jogged kinda hard for 5 mins, and then ran at an uptempo pace for another 5, and hit mile 1 at 8:24. I did the 4/4 part and hit mile 2 in 16:51. I was kind of gassed after this but got my shit together for 3 minutes, ran hard for 3, and had hit like 2.84 miles, so I just ran for the next minute or so and hit mile 3 at 25:10. I did a mile cool down and some stretches and that was it.

I don’t know exactly what tempos I was doing each piece at, but it had to be something like 9 minute pace on the slow end and 8 minute pace on the fast end. It’s kind of hard to tell, and it might have been 8:45/8:15 or something like that. It was dark and my watch is supposed to light up and it wasn’t, so I couldn’t really gauge the exact pace. Either way, it was as fast as I’ve run in and workout in many many months, and I did it for 3 miles in a row, so that was good.

I felt pretty tired and drained at the end of this workout. I have a lot of thoughts here so I’ll just stream of conscience them: I ran a marathon in 7:49s 16 months ago; some of my 20 mile long runs were at about the 8:24 pace and those did not feel like I was pushing at all; Less than a year ago, in May 2016, I “jogged” a half marathon in 8:30s and thought I was an out of shape pile of garbage; I know I have a long way back to get there. My short term “big” goal is to run 5 consecutive miles in 40 minutes. I think if I stay on track I could realistically do that in early April.

I am signed up for a 10k in early May and I don’t really know what my goal is yet for that. It’s about 8.5 weeks away, and I think I need a few weeks to see what I can do in some workouts. I guess a fair goal would be something like 48 minutes. I did this race last year and finished in 49:09, but had a pretty awful day. It was a hot day and I went out way too fast considering what kind of shape I was in, and then had a super bad last 5k. But, that awful day was 7:54 miles, and I might be pretty happy with that for 6 miles in 8 weeks. 48 minutes is about 7:45s, and I am pretty certain I would be making that type of progress. I don’t really have any speed goals for the spring, I just want to get my body back in a place to train for a marathon, and also run a marathon. I think I am more concerned about the training, though.

Alright this one went on way too long but I’m glad to be making progress and I’ll be back tomorrow with a jog. See ya!

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107 – 109, 109 – 113

Alright, so last time I was here I did a workout with 800s last Wednesday night. Things did not go great for my weight loss and running goals the next several days.

Thursday we had dinner plans and I didn’t have time to do a run, so I did kind of a long walk, but that never counts. Friday I went straight from work to a bachelor party, and I did very terrible things to my body like drink a million beers and eat 2 cheesesteaks.

Saturday, as to be expected, I felt terrible, and laid around like a slug all day, and did not get myself out the door. We went out for dinner again, and had many drinks, and I felt awful all day on Sunday. I got myself out the door to run but it was freezing cold and I just didn’t have a workout in my body, so I jogged 2 miles and came home. Running is a lot easier when you’re not battling terrible hangovers. Duh.

Today, I was still recovering, but ate normal food, and got through a 4 mile jog. It was freezing again, but the weather is supposed to warm up the next several days. I think I’m going to spend this whole week getting back to where I was last week, which stinks, but I knew I had a few things going on this past weekend.

I am going to try to run 7 days this week because I want to make progress faster, and lose weight faster so I can lower my risk of injury from running. I’m not sure how much sense that makes but I feel like the longer I’m running while fairly overweight it increases my chances of hurting something. I’d like to put on a full blitz to get down to 220 and then work from there.

I’ll be back tomorrow. See ya!

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103 – 107

Hey blog.

Tonight I wanted to die and fall asleep when I got home, but I forced myself out the door to do a speed workout. I wasn’t really sure what I was capable of, but I settled on doing a mile warmup, 4×800, and then a mile cool down. All I really wanted to do was gas myself a bunch of times, and I accomplished that.

The jog was whatever. The first rep was in 3:40, and it was into a pretty hard wind. I was pretty gassed, and took maybe 2 minutes before I started up again. The 2nd rep was in the same direction, and in 3:41, and I was already fatigued, and once again gassed at the end. I took probably another 2 minutes, and then ran in the other direction, with no wind, and did a rep in 3:49. I lost focus on this one and just did not succeed at running hard. I took a break and did the final one in 3:37 after deciding to try really hard. Then I jogged home.

This is what it’s like to start from the bottom for me on speed stuff, so I’m just gonna be glad that I started the ball moving,  and just keep improving.

I weighed myself for the first time in a while, and I lost 10 lbs in February. I need to lose a lot more weight so I am going to focus on improving my diet and running more miles. But as always, just gonna keep making progress.

I’m hoping to find time for a jog tomorrow but it will be tight, and I’m definitely off Friday. Alright, see ya later.

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