1,138.5 – 1,146

So, my back is still not better. I tried to do a long run on Saturday morning, and knew I was in trouble almost immediately. There’s just a throbbing pain, and occasional spasms, and it is really hard to exercise. It’s even harder to sit in a chair for a long time, and then stand up. This is the first real injury I’ve ever had to deal with and I’m nearly certain the remedy is rest. I took off Sunday and yesterday, and I really don’t feel any better today. I am still planning to run the marathon but I might just be jogging it. I didn’t get to do a lot of really critical workouts and my longest workout was 19 miles, but that was several weeks ago. I think I can finish a marathon, but it’s still 3 weeks away, so who knows what’s going to happen. Right now it doesn’t feel like I will be jogging tonight, but we’ll see. I’ll be back.

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1,128.5 – 1,133.5, 1,133.5 – 1,138.5

To start, here’s what I wrote on Wednesday:

“So the good news is that after making an ambitious schedule for myself last week, I’ve only missed one workout. The bad news is that it was my long run. The worse news is that I am in pretty bad back pain, and that is why I missed a workout. I had to totally take off on Monday because it was really hard to even walk around. Sitting down and standing up were particularly difficult. Yesterday I gave the long run a shot, but my back was in actual pain. It was the first time that my back felt worse as the run went along. Here’s what I planned up until today:

Tuesday 15th: 5 miler – check
Thursday 16th: 10 miler – check
Fri 17th: 6 mile recovery jog – check
Sat 18th:  20 mile long run – missed it
Sun 19th: 6 mile recovery – did 7.5
Monday 20th: 10 total with intervals (57 mile week 14) – check
Tues 21st: 6 recovery – did 5

And here’s what I have going forward:

Weds 22nd: 12 total, 6 easy, 6 back at marathon pace
Thurs 23rd: 8
Fri 24th: 7
Sat 25th: 21 long run
Mon 27th: 6 recover (60 mile week 15)

I have no idea what’s going to happen. It might be too late to make up the 20 miler because it’s too late in the week. It’s also POURING rain and not supposed to stop. I’m also really afraid to mess up my back even more. I will see what I can do tonight. I might just suck at marathon training, but the injury isn’t helping. I really hate missing 2 long runs in a row, but it seems inevitable that it’s going to happen, unless I somehow do it Thursday, and then again on Monday maybe? I know Sunday is out of the picture.”

Ok. Now it’s Friday. I have had really, really bad back pain all week, and took off Wednesday and Thursday, and it was making me really depressing. Getting up and sitting down have been particularly painful, and I have so much anxiety about missing workouts. But, I am hurt, so I don’t know what else I could have done. Tonight, I decided I would give a workout a shot, and it actually went about as good as I could have hoped. I spent as much time getting loose as I could, and jogged a really slow warmup mile. Then, I did 4 miles at an uptempo pace trying to hit 8 minute miles. The first one was in 7:36, which is too fast, probably because I’ve beeen anxious, but I slowed down the next miles to 8:03, 8:00, and 8:07. I felt a little bit fatigued at the end which is not great, but it was fine. My back feels better now than it did before I started.

I am going to attempt a long run tomorrow morning. See ya for that.

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1,105 – 1,111, 1,111 – 1,121, 1,121 – 1,128.5

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I got home on Wednesday, basically the second I walked outside it started raining. I don’t have a gym membership in JC, but it was pretty frustrating. My plan is to “borrow” Monday from next week (again) to finish the week, and then do 5 more workouts from Tues-Saturday. That will be 9 days in a row, which will be challenging, but I think necessary. Here’s the plan:

Tuesday 15th: 5 miler
Thursday 16th: 10 miler
Fri 17th: 6 mile recovery jog
Sat 18th:  20 mile long run
Sun 19th: 6 mile recovery
Monday 20th: 10 total with intervals (57 mile week 14)
Tues 21st: 6 recovery
Weds 22nd: 12 total, 6 easy, 6 back at marathon pace
Thurs 23rd: 8
Fri 24th: 7
Sat 25th: 21 long run
Mon 27th: 6 recover (60 mile week 15)

Marathon training started at 651 miles for the year, so I have done 460 so far. If I do all these miles, Ill be at 556 through 15 weeks. I’ve decided I’m only doing a 2 week taper, and week 16 should be pretty high mileage, but obviously I’m backing down a lot in weeks 17 and 18. My total mileage for this year is a lot less than last year, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I definitely feel like I got burned out pretty bad last year, so I am hopeful to avoid that.

I wrote most of this on Friday, so here’s what happened:

On Friday, I did 6 miles, which was mostly a jog but I threw in a .1 mile stride into each mile, and finished in about 44:30. Saturday, I did a 2 mile warmup, and then 6 timed miles on a track at Lincoln Park. I was trying to do 8 minute miles with 1 minute rest, and pretty much every mile was between 7:55 and 8:05. The splits I remember are 8:06, 16:12, 24:10, 32:04, 40:10, and 48:10. It felt really good and the miles felt easy, so that was a nice workout. Today (Sunday) I planned to jog 6 but I got mega-lost and ran 7.5. It was insanely slow. Tomorrow I am running 20. I’ll be back for that. See ya!

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1,095 – 1,105

1,100 miles!!!

Hey blog. Tonight I planned a 10 mile workout that went OK. I wanted to do a mile warmup, 8 at marathon tempo pace, and then a mile cool down. For some reason I wasn’t feeling super great, and the first half I just wasn’t hitting splits, so that was a little frustrating. Here are the splits,as I recall them, from the first half:


I have this course mapped out and have done it a few times, and for some reason my mile markers just weren’t matching up. It ended up being a little bit long, which I found out on the way back, but this was not super comfortable. I took a break for like 2 minutes, and the way back was better. The splits were:


I was not jogging during this run. I was going like 75 or 80% of my max pace, and it was laborious. That is obviously a concern because I’d like to run 8 minute miles for a marathon, and doing it tonight for 8 miles, with a break, was not easy. Might have just been an off night, but I’m glad I did the workout and just going to move forward. Alright se ya tomorrow.

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1,079 – 1,085, 1,085 – 1,090, 1,090 – 1,095 (week 14)

Alright so after the fast workout Thursday night, my legs were a little bit dead. I did a 6 mile jog when I got home on Friday and my legs were really tired and I was just super lethargic. I don’t remember the time but it was really slow.

Saturday I wanted to try my long run, but it was drizzling in the morning and we spelt late and went out to breakfast. Then when we got home I fell asleep on the couch for like 3 hours. That pretty much put a pin in my whole day, and I never made it out the door for a run. Sunday, I was just super lazy again and  did a 5 mile jog, and planned to do my long run Monday. Monday, it rained all night.

So, last night was Tuesday, and I was faced with doing a real late long run, or just starting week 14. I chose to start week 14. I really don’t want to torture my legs, and have gotten into some trouble in the past trying to make up mileage, so I am just moving forward. Week 14 is going to be a heavy week. I already did the 5, and heres the rest of the week:

Weds: 10 mile tempo at marathon pace
Thurs: 6 mile recovery jog
Fri: 10 total miles with some interval component
Sat: 6 mile recover
Sun: 20 mile long run

For 57 total miles. I’ve decided that I’m only doing a 2 week taper, so these next 3 weeks are critical. I made some ground losing a few pounds, but had a pretty “indulgent” weekend. I’m just going to stay really focused on being healthy for the next 30 days and continue to eat better food and drink less (with a few exceptions). I had a pretty bad week 13 but just gonna move past it and have a really good week 14. Alright, see ya.

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1,065 – 1,071 (week 13 start) 1,071 – 1,079

Alright, so after doing my long run Monday, I ended up taking Tuesday off. I was pretty sore, but that’s not really the reason I took off. I got home late, and had to walk the dog, and I couldn’t find his leash for like half an hour. It’s so dumb, but after the walk it was like 7:45, and I was exhausted, and just couldn’t force myself to start my run that late. So, it was a night off.

Wednesday I did a 6 mile jog that included the big hill on Newark Avenue. I did 3 miles out in 27:20, and back in 26:36. My legs were a little bit tired still but it was fine, and the temperature was nice. 

Last night I planned to do 8 total miles, with a 2 mile warmup, and then 2×2 miles at a fast pace, and then a 2 mile cool down. I did the warm up in 19 minutes, which was “whatever”. I stretched and got loose for a minute, and took off. The first mile was in 7:30, and it felt pretty good, so I kept pushing. As I kept moving, the pace felt pretty sustainable, and I thought about going further than 2 miles. I hit 2 in 14:52, and felt like I had a ton left, so I decided to see how far I could push it. I hit mile 3 in 21:45, which really surprised me. I knew I was pushing it, but that was a 6:53 mile, which I know I am capable of, but haven’t done in a long time.

After that I decided I was going to finish 5 as fast as I could, and hit 4 in 28:53. I was running out of steam a little bit, but pushed my way to a 36:09 finish for 5. My splits were 7:30, 7:22, 6:53, 7:08, and 7:16. I was really happy with the overall time, because its something like 90 seconds faster than any other 5 miler I’ve done in the last 6 months or possibly even this year. When I’ve felt like I was in great shape recently, cracking 35 minutes was a pretty huge time for me, so getting closer to that range felt pretty good. Obviously there was one pretty big outlier mile in the middle, but that’s mostly because while I was running it I thought I would stop after 3. It felt good to run pretty fast and hit a time I know I’m capable of in a workout. Keep in mind, in my half marathon PR, I ran 36:00 for the first 5, and then followed it up with another 5 in 36:45 or so, and then a 21:20 5k.  So, I am certainly not my fastest right now, since I was pretty tired at the end, but it is good to be able to turn my legs over at that speed.

I was 207.5 lbs after my run last night, which is the lightest I’ve been on the scale since I moved to Jersey City, so that is good. I realize weighing yourself after workouts is kind of cheating, but I’ve basically only weighed myself after workouts, so I was 213 a few weeks ago, which means I’ve dropped about 6 pounds or so. I’d definitely like that to continue. I’ve been eating healthier and drinking less, and would definitely like to be as light as possible on Nov. 15.

My plan for the weekend is to jog 6 tonight, and then do workouts of 20 and 10 on Friday and Saturday. I’m hoping to get 20 out of the way tomorrow so that my Sunday can be relaxing. Tomorrow is supposed to rain a lot until 6pm or so, though, so we’ll see how that goes. Alright, see ya later.

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1,032 – 1,037, 1,037 – 1,047, 1,047 – 1,065

Hey blog. Lots of miles to blog about.

Friday I ran 5 miles pretty fast, mostly because I was pressed for time. I was in Toms River, so I had the pleasure of revisiting my old favorite 5 mile route, and I did it in 37:46. The splits were 8:10, 7:35, 7:25, 7:20, and 7:16. It’s pretty impressive that I did consecutive negative splits. I also did no warm up or cool down, which is usually kind of tough. But, it was a good workout. I also found out that my GPS watch disagrees with google maps by about 1/10th of a mile, which is not a big deal, but I don’t know who to believe.

Saturday was supposed to rain, but I really wanted to run to Island Heights, so at about 1pm I took off and was hopeful I could make it 10 miles. My legs were pretty tired from the night before, but the weather was really nice. I did the first 5 in 44 minutes, and the 2nd 5 in 43:26, for a total of about 8:45 miles. It was not super easy, but it was a good workout.

I took yesterday off because my legs were pretty tired, and I did my long run tonight. I was planning to do 20, but I ended up doing a little bit more than 18. I made a stupid mistake by running 9 miles out, and thinking that once I got close to home I would make up the extra 2 miles. I also did the first 5 miles in 43:45, which was too fast, and I ended up pretty tired. The way out, the first 9 miles, went really smoothly, but there was a pretty rough head wind for a lot of the way back. I stopped very briefly at mile 6 to get a water and eat a Gu, and then didn’t stop again until mile 16 or so. I left half the water at mile 12, so I picked it up and ran with it and ate another Gu. At 16, I was planning to get a drink, but the store I stopped at was very crowded. I started my watch up again, and ran about another half mile to another store. I checked my watch and it said I was running 9:11 miles for the whole workout, which seemed pretty slow, especially considering how fast the beginning was. The last time I had checked my watch was at mile 9, and I was 2 minutes under 9 minute mile pace. I know I was slower on the way back, but not that much slower.  A few minutes later, I realized that the clock was still running on my GPS watch, but it was no longer calculating distance. I was at mile 17 or so, and it said I was still at 16.1 miles. So, I just said forget about it, and ran home. I could’ve run 2 more miles, but I wasn’t feeling great. It was kind of stupid but I was just tired and definitely shouldn’t have had mile 18 be right by my apartment. All things considered it went pretty well, although I would like to know exactly how fast I was actually running.

Alright, so that was a 49 mile week, which was good. More interesting is that I ran 68 miles over the past 6 days, since I did my other long run on Tuesday. I wish I was off from running tomorrow, but I am not, so I will see you then.

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