853 – 858

I am pretty happy that I was able to get a 5 mile run in last night, because there was a decent chance I wouldn’t get to run at all. I was in kind of a rush because I had to be at a fantasy football draft, so that led to me running kind of fast. I did 5 in 40 minutes almost exactly, with 8:20, 8:10, 8:00, 8:00 and 7:30 miles. It felt pretty decent, but I was definitely pushing it towards the end. I think super slow jogging has not been working out well for me, so I am going to try to focus on running a little bit faster on most of my runs.

So, I’ve done 15 (soon to be 16 since I have .7 lingering), and I think I can reasonably do 31 miles this weekend, with a 7 mile jog tonight, 16 on Saturday, and 8 on Sunday. That will give me 47 for the week, and I will be cool with that. I am going to try to get my run out of the way as early as possible tomorrow morning, and then I will probably do the recovery 8 miler on Sunday night. That’s the plan for now, I’ll check in once or twice this weekend. See ya!

Oh, also, one final note is that I have no idea how many miles I have on my sneakers. I feel like it might be a lot but I’m not sure. I’ll have to go through here and see if I made a note of when I got new ones. Alright, see ya.

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848 – 853

Hey blog. To start, I now have .7 miles lingering, just waiting to be added to my total. I am going to hold onto them for a while though.

Yesterday it was crazy hot and humid, and my run did not go great. I was hoping to do 7 total miles, and throw in 6×800, but I ended up doing 5 total miles, and did 5×800. I was just having a really rough time and felt gross. My first 2 miles were super slow, and I just wanted to get home. I had to motivate myself to keep doing 800s to get to 5, and none of them were very good. They were all in the 3:30 to 3:40 range, and I felt like I had pretty much no turnover. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise since I barely run on any hills and I have done no interval stuff lately.

I have a fantasy football draft at 8pm tonight so I have no idea how many miles I’m going to get to run. I’m supposed to be there at 7:30, and thats usually not too far off from when i get home. I attempted to wake up at 6:15am this morning to do a workout, but I am still 0 for the century in waking up early to run. I wish I had done it, because there’s a chance I might not run at all tonight. It’s really hot again, and I’m sitting in my office in the air conditioning sweating through my shirt, so I’m sure running will be fun.

I really have no idea how I was consistently putting up so much mileage last August and September, I just feel like there’s constantly something preventing me from running lately. I’m gonna do what I can, though, and focus on good workouts as many days a week as possible and really strong long runs. Alright, see ya later.

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843 – 848 (week 7)

For starters, I’ve actually run 848.6, so I will eventually round up. I ran 4.2 on Sunday and 5.4 last night, so I will eventually get an extra mile this week. Last night I was under strict instructions to “hurry up” because Ti was hungry for dinner when I got home, so instead of doing an even 6 I did 5 and some change. It was about 9 minute miles, which was a nice return to actual jogging as opposed to what I did on Sunday. It was fine, not much else to report. I’ll be back tonight for a fast 5 with warmup and cool down.

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839 – 843

Hey blog.

Today is Tuesday, but this 4 miler happened on Sunday morning. I went out until pretty late on Saturday night in NYC, and had several drinks. I felt like absolute garbage when I woke up, and had to be back in the city by 1pm to meet my sister, so I basically got dressed as soon as I woke up and planned to do 2 short jogs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I will just go ahead and spoil the fact that the 2nd run didn’t happen, and the first one was one of the worst workouts of my life.

I say “worst” because I was miserable, and I ran 4 miles in 41 minutes, which is probably the slowest run of my life, and it was pretty hot and humid. I ran a new path through Liberty State Park, and my legs were pretty sore, and the first mile was in 11 minutes. Like I was barely shuffling my feet. I kept thinking I would pick up speed, but I never did. I was just a mess. I don’t want to spend much more time reflecting on it because it was just bad.

I had a lot of fun on both Saturday night and Sunday going to the Minetta Tavern and various bars, but that led to me missing my planned 2nd jog, and I also didn’t run yesterday. I think my drinking tolerance is a lot lower due to less drinking, because I just got way drunker than I was expecting Saturday and Sunday.

Aside from all that I’m back to normal today, and I am happy with a 44 mile week. I’m gonna try to do 50 again this week, with these workouts:

M – off
T – 6 jog
W – 7 total, with 5 tempo
Th – 8 jog
F – 6, with 8×800
S – 16 mile jog
Su – 7 recovery jog

Be back soon. See ya.

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819 – 824, 824 – 839

Last night I planned to do some 800s, but as I was walking out the door I realized my watch was dead, and for some reason I was just too lazy to manually map out 800 yards online. There’s a track like 2 miles away but it’s kinda scary to get to, and I was kind of in a rush to get started, so I just went outside. Right away my legs were pretty stiff, so I decided to cut it down to a 5 mile jog. I wanted to be fresh for today’s long run and didn’t really think it was worth putting 2 more miles of tiredness on my legs. The jog went fine, and I spent the night relaxing.

This morning, I set my alarm for 7, but actually woke up at like 9. It wasn’t hot today, so there was no real reason to wake up super early. In fact, the temperature was kind of perfect. It was low 70s and a little overcast with a breeze. My plan was to try to negative split as much as I could, and since I went out in like a 9:40 mile, that wasn’t too hard. I ended up going through 5 in exactly 45 mins, maybe a few seconds faster, and I stopped for a drink at mile 6. I got a 32oz. Gatorade, with the intention of drinking half and leaving the rest for when I turned around. I was basically going straight north up the coast of the Hudson River, and there was a nice path/sidewalk the whole way. In a rare multimedia blogdog event, heres a map of my run:


Once I got to 7.5 I turned around. Once I hit 9 where, the Gatorade was, I drank the rest of it for a minute, and took off again. I was still pretty thirsty, so at mile 11 I stopped for like 30 seconds to grab a water, and I ran with it.

The rest of the way home was pretty smooth sailing. I thought about trying to push the pace, but I felt good doing what I was doing. I ended up finishing in 2:13:45, which is 8:55 miles. That’s right around what I was hoping to do today, and actually just a touch fast, but I wanted the end to be faster than the beginning, so it was fine.

I’m really glad this run went well, and it was a nice confidence boost. I am going out with some friends tonight, and spending the day eating the famous black label burger at the Minetta Tavern tomorrow, so that will involve a lot of calories. I was 209.5 after my run today, which, again, I know is cheating to weigh myself after running, but it’s the lowest number the scale has said yet, so I’m going with it. Tomorrow I’m going to try to find time to run 8 miles, and it might be like 2 short jogs at different points, I’m not sure yet. But, I will definitely do something. Alright, see ya tomorrow.

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811 – 819

Last night I did an 8 mile jog that went pretty well. I ran from my apartment to the Hoboken train station and back. The way there was a little bit faster than I was expecting, and I was averaging like 8:34 miles according to my watch. The way back was closer to 9 minute miles, and I ended up averaging like 8:46s, which is still a decent jog pace for me. The weather was pretty nice, and my legs felt fine considering I did a tough workout on Wednesday. One observation I made is that the people of Jersey City, despite the fact that there are a lot of runners, make pretty much no effort to get out of the way of people that are running. There’s a waterfront walkway that I run on a lot, and people love walking with their family or friends about 4 people wide so it’s impossible to pass them, and they have absolutely no reaction to runners. That’s pretty annoying.

Last night after my run I weighed 210, which is a little unfair because I sweated a lot, but its the lowest the scale has said since I started keeping track. This week I drank nothing but water and 2 beers, so that’s good. I also haven’t eaten fast food all week, which is also good. I kind of went nuts while I was in Detroit so I am still battling back from that.

Tonight I’m doing my first interval workout in a long time, so we’ll see how that goes. Also, I am planning to wake up as early as possible tomorrow morning to do my 15 miler, so I should have a pretty short recovery time in between runs. I’m really hoping the 15 goes well, and then I’ll just have to do another 8 to notch my first 50 mile week since like September. Alright, see ya later.

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804 – 811

Last night I had a good workout, in which I jogged a warmup mile, ran 5 miles pretty close to as hard as I could, and then jogged a mile cool down. It brought up several thoughts, which I will expound upon, since this is my running blog and that’s what happens here.

Last year on August 21st, I ran my 1,200th mile of the year. Assuming I complete the 8 I have planned for tonight, I will be 381 miles behind that. I also took note that last year on July 30th, I ran my second fastest time for 5 miles ever, in the exact same workout I did last night but on a different, much hillier course, in 34:49. Last night the tempo portion was in 38:26. I will note that on July 30th I was in my 9th week of marathon training. On August 21, I was in week 12.

Right now I am in week 6, and I am not really close to being in the same shape I was a year ago. I would say that the first 5+ weeks of training have gone “OK”, but definitely not great as I have not been super consistent. My workout from last night is the fastest I have run for 5 miles in a while, and that is fine, but I have a lot of work to do. I feel pretty confident that my mile times will start dropping pretty quick as I work in more mileage and speed workouts, and hopefully find hills to strengthen my legs.

I think right now is the most locked in I have been on running in a while, but I kind of feel like I woke up in somebody else’s body and have to fight to get back to doing what I know I am capable of. Hopefully I can string together a few nice weeks and build some confidence and speed. Alright, see ya later for 8.

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