407 – 413, 413 – 417, 417 – 425

Hey blog.

Today is Sunday, and I did runs on Friday, Saturday and today. Thursday I got off of work and the minute I got to NYC I had to go to dinner with Ti and her parents, so I had no time to do a workout. Friday afternoon I was off work, and after we did some touristy stuff around the city, I did a 6 mile workout that was a 3 mile jog out, and a 3 mile tempo run back in 23:40. This run was fine, but the way back was a little more challenging than I would have liked. Saturday morning I did a quick 4 mile jog that I didn’t time up and down Riverside. This was also a little bit more lethargic than I would have liked, but it was fine.

Today, I did a tempo run with a warmup and cool down. I did a mile warmup, and my plan was to do 6 miles in 48 minutes,hitting as many even splits as possible, and then a cool down. I really wanted to focus in on thinking about simulating the first 6 miles of a marathon, and testing how sustainable the pace was. That’s basically what I’ve been doing a lot of the last few weeks, and I think it’s been helpful. Today my splits were 8:09 through 1 mile, 16:00 through 2, and then I stopped looking at my watch for a while. I went through 5 in about 38:45, and finished 6 in 46:55.

Obviously miles 3, 4 and 5 were a little fast, but they felt fine. When I finished, I felt like I had a lot more time of being comfortable at that pace, which was good. I’m just hoping I have like 2 and a half more hours of being comfortable, and not like 90 minutes. There isn’t much I can do at this point besides try to build confidence, so I’m just going to focus on getting my head straight and keeping myself loose for Sunday. Alright, see ya tomorrow.

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397 – 401, 401 – 407 (week 14)

I feel dumb even dividing these posts into weeks because I think it just lends to the illusion that I actually trained for a marathon, and all this is really going to be for me historically is a blue print for what to never do again unless I want to feel terrible about my training schedule. Now, that doesn’t mean that I might not run a great race, but I’m definitely the type of runner who races to train, and not training to race, and I definitely feel like I missed out on a lot of the training process which is frustrating. All that said, I am going to focus on being positive because thinking negatively is going to get me nowhere.

Last night I jogged 4 miles because I am “tapering”, although I’m not really sure what I’m tapering off of. It was pretty insignificant aside from the fact that my legs were a little sore. Tonight I did a pretty good speed workout on the treadmill, and it went pretty well. I did a mile warmup, and then 8×800 at 3:20 pace, with 2 minutes of rest in between each rep. From the very start, my legs felt pretty good, and my lungs also felt great, which was awesome. I never really had a rough spot in this whole entire workout with the exception of the fact that my legs got a little fatigued, but otherwise it was fine. The hardest part was probably talking myself into doing a cool down, because I wanted to get the hell out of there, but I forced myself to do a mile. The treadmill went into some wacky “cool down’ mode and kept turning the speed way down, which was a ton of fun.

I am just going to do as many jogs as I can, and hopefully a short tempo run, and then maybe 8-10 on Sunday. I have a busy weekend and have plans to do stuff all day Friday-Sunday so it will be rough, but I’ll do what I can. Alright, see ya.

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392 – 397

Hey blog.

So today is Monday, and I am writing about Friday nights run. I did 5 miles in 42:30, and it was decent. The weather was really nice, and I was trying to relax, but my legs were a little bit stiff/sore from doing 2 tempo workouts. The first half was in about 21:30 and I came back a little bit faster, but it was fine.

My plan for the weekend was to try to jog when we got to Baltimore, and then do my long run yesterday, but neither happened. ¬†We got murdered in traffic going there, and that left no time for running because we wanted to start appreciating whatever daylight was left for us. Yesterday we didn’t get back to NYC until 5pm, and then had to go to Target, and then had to immediately do this bug fog thing in Ti’s apartment for 4 hours, so that left us nowhere to shower, and frankly we hit bad traffic again coming back and I just wanted to relax.

I am going to do a short jog tonight, and then maybe something in the 12-15 mile range tomorrow night, because that’s what I was planning for Sunday. It really is kind of silly how undertrained I am, but I am still going to stay positive and hope for the best. Through 13 weeks I am averaging 30 miles weeks, which is 20 miles per week less than I did in the fall. Pretty ridiculous, and I did a horrible job of following a schedule, but I am still going to give it a shot because I am an idiot. It’s going to be really hard to think positive thoughts about this race, and I think there’s a very good chance I crap out very early in this race, but we’ll see.

I know that being negative is not productive but I am just embarassed and upset that training was so bad. My performance on workouts was good, I just didn’t do enough of them, and now I am leaning more on a good day than I am great training, which stinks. Alright, see ya later.

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387 – 392

Hey blog.

Tonight I ran 5 miles, and my plan was to just jog but throw in a handful of fast strides during the course of it. I started out pretty slow, and after a 9 minute mile I broke into 5k pace for about a minute. Then, I went back to jogging, but I think as a result of opening up my stride, I was running faster, and that kept happening as the run went on. At each mile marker I’d open it up for a minute, and my “jog” pace eventually wasnt a jog. I ended up doing 5 total strides, and the last 4 miles were in 31:42, which is 7:56 miles or so. I also kind of sprinted for the last 100 yards or so, because I haven’t done a whole lot of sprinting lately.

I also spent a lot of time during this run trying to run more efficiently. By that I mean, trying to have good form, and pound the pavement as little as possible. I was focusing a lot on taking my feet off the ground really quickly to minimize the impact, because I think in general I am a super clunky runner. I don’t really even know how good or bad my running form is, butI think just thinking about not slamming my legs into the ground, and trying to save my legs some pounding will be helpful.

I can say that when I was not striding, the jog portion felt pretty sustainable. The miles were fast because a minute of them were me running pretty hard, but the “jog” portion was probably something like 8:15-8:30 pace. I think a really good race strategy for me in the marathon is to just have the general goal of trying to run a PR, and take anything else as a bonus. It seems totally insane that I’m running a marathon in 17 days, and I feel like there’s a decent chance I just totally shit the bed, but who knows. I’m going to give myself a chance to run well and see what happens.

My plan for the weekend is probably a 6 miler tomorrow night in NYC, then Saturday I am in Baltimore, so I am going to try to sneak a run in there, and then I am planning to do my long run on Sunday night when we get back. As I type this, I have no idea how far I’m going to run. I think something like 15 miles sounds right to me. I also feel like doing that tomorrow night might be a good idea, so its not hanging over my head all weekend. I am going to keep that option open, and we’ll see what happens.

Alright, hasta luego.

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380 – 387 (week 13)

The weather is finally starting to be reasonable on a somewhat consistent basis, and tonight was pretty good running weather. It was somewhere in the 50s, and a little bit windy, but overall lightyears better than what I dealt with for the first 3 months of this year.

I’m not totally sure what I’m doing with my mileage this week, which is about par for the course. This whole training session has been a mess. I think I am actually in decent shape, but it’s been so unorganized and haphazard. I read something the other day that a PR generally follows consistent workouts. I would generally believe that, but I followed my workout schedule religiously this summer and fall and I still ran a crappy race, so who knows. There’s a part of my brain that truly believes that running involves just trying to get in the best shape possible, and really hoping for a good day. I know that I am undertrained, but I still have a shot at a good race, and that’s all I really care about.

Tonight I wanted to simulate the beginning of the marathon, so I did a mile warmup, and without stopping just broke into what I thought my marathon pace felt like. I hit the first mile in 8:15, and the 2nd in 16:22, and even though those were good splits, I was not feeling great. I have no idea why, but it just felt like I was laboring. I was almost going to stop and turn around, but I talked myself into trying to get myself comfortable, since that will be really important during the race. I eventually calmed myself down and got into a little groove,and hit the 4 mile marker in about 32:28, which meant I was running exactly 8 minute miles. Then I hit mile 5 in 39:19, which makes no sense, because I didnt run a 6:51 mile. It just didn’t happen. I thought I would clear things up just now by remapping the route, even though I’ve mapped it like 100 times in my life, and for some reason both gmap-pedometer and milermeter are being really bizarre with mile markers. Either way, when I finished, I felt better than I did when I started.

That is really important because I needed some confidence somewhere, and after tonight I feel like I get work my way into being comfortable. I’m still somewhat skeptical of what’s going to happen in 19 days, but I’m just trying to stay positive and have another good week of training. Alright see ya tomorrow.

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375 – 380

This afternoon I jogged 5 miles and I think it was a really good recovery run. I was super sore and dehydrated after yesterday, and it felt good to just get some lactic acid out of my legs and get loose. I ran with minimal effort and I feel like I’ll be in good shape for a workout tomorrow. Alright, see ya.

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354 – 375

Yesterday rained all night and I did not get a run in, which I was ok with. My legs were still kind of sore from Thursday’s hill workout, and I just relaxed. Today I got out the door at around 10:15am, and the weather was pretty awesome, with the exception of some wind. As soon as I started my legs felt pretty stiff, which put two thoughts in my head: 1) this is going to be tough, and 2) doing distance runs on tired legs is really good race training. My plan was to run down to Central Park, and then over to Astoria, and into Roosevelt Island, and then back.

The first 45 minutes or so I just took it slow, and made my way to the 72nd street traverse in the park where I stopped for water. I started drinking really fast, and my heart started going some really weird shit. I couldn’t get it under control, and I had to stop for a few minutes. It was kind of scary. A normal person would have gone home, but after a few minutes it went back to normal to I wanted to see if I could continue.

The next 40 minutes or so involved me making my way over to the Queensboro Bridge, and over into Roosevelt Island. My legs weren’t feeling great, and I started just trying to make time go away. At about an hour and 50 minutes I stopped for a gatorade. I kept just putting my head down, and going back into NYC on the bridge I tried to pick up the pace a little bit, just to get the big hill over with. Then I went back through the park, and started making my way uptown.

As is the case with every single run I’ve ever done that involves Roosevelt Island, the total time I had been running really wasn’t making sense to me based on where I was. I decided to time my 19th mile or so, and it was in about 9:20, but I was definitely slowing way down at that point because my legs were just spent. I was planning to finish in 3 hours and 9 minutes, but I was still about 20 blocks away from home at that point. I ran 10 more blocks or so, and ran for a total of 3 hours and 14 minutes and stopped about 10 blocks away from home and walked. I remapped my run and it was probably closer to 21.5 miles, which made some sense. By the time it was too late, I realized I was running the exact same course I did when I ran 22 this fall.

Today was pretty challenging. I also weighed myself when I got home and I was 203 lbs, which is about 10lbs heavier than I’d like to be. As I mentioned I’m not drinking until the race, so that should help me shed some weight. Unfortunately time is limited but I’m just going to be as healthy as possible for the next 3 weeks.

I’m not sure if I’m going to start tapering this coming week. I might not, because my overall training has been so bad. I don’t think there’s a consensus about whether or not you should taper for 2 or 3 weeks, so I think I’ll probably just try to keep getting in better shape and do one more long run next weekend. Hoping to do a 5 mile recovery jog tomorrow, which should be interesting because I can barely walk right now. Alright, see ya.

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